Jenni Marsh

British colonial administration, braced for chaos and a tide of refugees from Communist takeover in China, began registering population and issuing them identity cards in the summer of 1949

This is not a holiday, warns Xu Xi of five-day visit to island in Riau archipelago with just 15 vacation villas, writes Jenni Marsh

Jenni Marsh wonders how Hong Kong can do some things so efficiently while retaining archaic practices in other areas, such as shopping

Each 30-minute episode will follow an inspiring dreamer, telling their life story and making their ambition a reality for a day, writes Jenni Marsh.


A high-speed train from Shenzhen has made the neon town of Yangshuo more accesible. Beyond the town, the karst peaks of Guangxi remain among the most serene and unspoiled scenery in China.

It's the building whose construction defined Dubai, writes Jenni Marsh. To experience its opulence is also to experience a piece of history.

The North Korean fulfilled a fortune teller's prophecy by defecting, but found life outside the hermit state presented its own challenges.

As anyone who's briefly had Google Herpes, Google Colitis or Google Cancer will ruefully admit, you can read too much into search results.

Ali Mohamed Ali, the Hong Kong government's official - and only - Somali translator, tells Jenni Marsh about being a voice for new refugee arrivals in the city, and "becoming Chinese".

From the 1960s on, residents of Singapore's idyllic southern islands were forced out of fishing villages and into high rises. A documentary finds many still grieving for their old way of life, writes Jenni Marsh.

With 700 whiskies to select from, you won't be short of choice. Keep an eye on the bubbly prices, though - the priciest champagne will set you back HK$29,800.

Director who was shot, jailed, and tortured as a teenager talks about family, career, and the power of cinema ahead of presenting his new film in Hong Kong

Wild tigers did not exist within the borders of Hong Kong in the early 1900s, or so zoologists had believed. But a tombstone in Hong Kong Cemetery in Happy Valley tells a different story.

British photographer famed for Silk Road project documents North Koreans doing everyday things and the extraordinary.

When Ebola broke out in West Africa, Malaysian-born Kwan Kew Lai knew she had to act. Kwan's blog about her harrowing time in Bong County was written for her family.

Upper Station Street is the heart of Poho (the area around Po Hing Fong), and Crafty Cow is the latest addition to the culinary Mexican wave rippling up the hillside. A craft beer gastropub with an East London shabby-chic vibe, this bar has high stalls, low lights and an open kitchen.

Second world war veteran, who became a marathon runner in his 60s, tells Jenni Marsh that he sailed into Hong Kong in 1954 and never looked back.

A touch of the Horn of Africa, in, er, the Horn of Wan Chai. But Djiboutii's tribal decor, goats' skulls and safari-lodge wall mountings are where that theme ends. Probably a good job, as drunken behaviour in Islamic Djibouti can result in a two-year prison term.

Copper-rich Zambia has long proved prosperous for Chinese migrants. Now their work and investments are attracting tourists from China to see its greatest asset - Victoria Falls.