John Batten
John Batten

Known in his early career in Asia for books about China with photography by Brian Brake, Cameron once buttonholed Zhou Enlai, in French, to get a travel pass; in Hong Kong, he helped the art scene grow

Rising Above: the Kinsey African American Art and History Collection features artefacts related to the experience and contributions of black people to the American story

Fuss over Hong Kong artists projecting a countdown to 2047 onto ICC provided biggest drama, Jaap van Zweden’s recruitment by New York Philharmonic and Palace Museum for arts hub were big news, and top-class troupes marking 400 years since Bard’s death provided performing arts highlight


The Russian artist’s recent work, featured in a Macau Museum of Art show, is a virtuoso display, with the privileged and corrupt the targets of his skilful wrath

Richard Winkworth explores his fascination with Hong Kong’s maritime life from his home in Ap Lei Chau, capturing the ever-changing interplay of light and water, ships and land - work featured in an exhibition,The Sea

She came from poor farming stock in Zhongshan, and chose chastity and the sisterhood of the ‘combed up’ women over arranged marriage. Artist Kurt Tong honours Mak Ngan-yuk’s sacrifice and a dying tradition

The Hong Kong-based artist explores love and loss, appearance and reality, in this beautifully arranged show, where sentimentality and sadness collide with kitsch and pure happiness

Parenthood may have stalled the Hong Kong artist’s creative output but becoming a mother was the driving force behind ‘Without Trying’, her first exhibition in five years

Exhibition sees 13 photographers tackle the broadly defined idea of family – although not broadly enough to address multicultural diversity, single parents or LGBT people


Two young Hong Kong artists get to grips with ‘interstitial space’ through the medium of video art, in an exhibition that rewards patient engagement

Yorkshire-born, Los Angeles-based artist’s paintings blend futurism, cubism and modernism. Knowledge of Houseago’s sculp­ture, inspired by primitivism of African and Oceanic art, provides a better under­standing of exhibition

The Shenzhen-born artist stretches Warhol's screen-printing techniques into our computer-slick world to add text and distort familiar objects.

Presenting street art in a formal setting seems to defeat the spontaneous and rebellious intention of the original, but SoHo exhibition Hidden Street, with its temporary art painted on a gallery's walls, is a success.

Clad in pasty pink, insensitive to its superb location, and too small - the Museum of Art has long been needing a revamp. But an overhaul of its operations is just as vital.

One artist highlights the selfishness of car ownership in big Chinese cities, while the other has produced an abstract commentary on art collecting that, paradoxically, will appeal to the collector class.

Zhang probes the flipside of China's urban "miracle", the torpor of village life, with humour, irony and serious social commentary.

"Some Landscapes" is a fine, resolved exhibition that coalesces Tsang Chui-mei's previous 2012 "Grotto" exhibition with her freer post-2013 palette.

"In Hong Kong ... shared aural spaces are increasingly rare," says exhibition curator Anne-Laure Chamboissier - summing up precisely its value.