Jolene Otremba

Successful brands need to foster connections through storytelling, partnerships and creating mutually beneficial partnerships with trusted media brands. 

Hong Kong international schools have long been at least bilingual but as the data shows gains to family life as well as educational and personal gains, more and more schools around the world are following suit


After some of the world’s toughest and longest-lasting Covid-19 restrictions, Hong Kong schools recognise the need to address students’ mental health

Whatever the educational tradition they follow, kindergartens and primaries in Hong Kong agree that play brings physical, emotional and social benefits that set the tone for how effectively a child will learn later

To make the meaningful change the growing climate crisis demands, it is the next generation of thinkers that will lead the fight into the future

Universities are responding to the challenge with courses equipping students with knowledge and skills to handle weather, pollution and waste concerns

There is a growing need for fresh media graduates who are abreast of the latest trends and armed with an updated arsenal of technological tools