Katrin Figge
Katrin Figge
Katrin Figge is a freelance journalist and writer based in Berlin, specialising in culture, lifestyle and social issues. Previously, she lived in Jakarta for more than a decade, where she was among others the features editor of the Jakarta Globe and managing editor of NOW! Jakarta magazine.

Female authors in Asia are the beneficiaries of a project by a non-profit British publisher to bring their stories and poetry to an English-speaking audience and show that feminism has different forms and voices.

A photographer in Berlin, tired of being racially stereotyped – and worse – created a photo series of Southeast Asians speaking out against harassment in 2018. In the face of attacks on Asians during the pandemic, she has revived it on Instagram.

LGBT Indonesian singer and gay-rights activist Kai Mata sings songs about tolerance and acceptance, all the while deflecting hate messages. ‘I want everyone to know they are valued, respected and loved,’ the Bali-based musician says.

Women’s soccer is gaining popularity in the country, and a national women’s premier league, Liga 1 Putri, has been launched – but there is still a long way to go before it becomes as big as the men’s game.

Germany has a reputation for liberalism, but there has been an increase in racist attacks on Muslims and Asians. Southeast Asian residents of Berlin talk about far-right parties, anti-immigrant sentiment and their thoughts on the future.

Dewi Lestari, Leila S. Chudori, Laksmi Pamuntjak and Intan Paramaditha have all benefited from a recent growth in interest in women writers; they tell us about their inspirations – ghost stories, spirituality, history.

Hired by East Germany as contract workers, Vietnamese who chose to stay in Berlin when the Wall came down gravitated to an indoor market in the city; today fellow Berliners go there for manicures and to shop.