Keira Lu Huang

Two sides agree to five guidelines covering internet-based threats, including theft of secrets and network intrusions, Washington says

Ma Ying-jeou greets hotel guests on his way out of the banquet room, telling reporters that “the atmosphere was really good” and that he was very happy.


Stephen Orlins, head of National Committee on United States-China Relations, who co-hosted October dinner for Xi in Seattle before his US state visit in Washington in September

The child from a rural village in Sichuan province was grabbed while out walking on his own, but kept calm and escaped after being tied up and left in an abandoned building

Beijing has pledged billions in aid and debt forgiveness for the world’s poorest nations as President Xi Jinping continues his overseas push to present China as a global power.

US President Barack Obama yesterday said he and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping must address their differences "candidly", specifically raising the importance of protecting human rights.

The Communist Party's top leadership was infuriated with the Tianjin government's attempts to underplay the death toll of the twin blasts that rocked the port city more than two weeks ago.

Convicts who fought for the country in the second world war are expected to be among the inmates freed from jail as the national legislature prepares to grant amnesties to mark the 70th anniversary of the conflict's end.