Director to attend Q&A after screening of her film about six cloistered brothers who live life through the movies they see.


Eight years spent in jail for inciting religious violence has not deterred Ashin Wirathu in his hate campaign against Rohingya Muslims.


A Japanese company will attempt on Monday to break a 589km/h speed record set last week by its new magnetic levitation train. 

Experimental subjects who were tricked into thinking they should smell something reported they smelled less pleasant odours when they viewed pictures of overweight and obese people than when they looked at trim people individuals.

They found the black man's body hanging by a bedsheet from a locust tree. Claiborne County Sheriff Marvin Lucas called in everybody he could think of. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation. The FBI.

Zhang Xiaoyan made it clear that she had one objective for travelling to the US from China - to give birth so her child would automatically be an American citizen.

Hours after fleeing house arrest, Yemen's deposed president denounced a "coup" against his authority and issued a direct challenge to the faction now in control of the capital.

From the beginning, Marion "Suge" Knight's life as a rap impresario was closely intertwined with the gangster ways extolled by his artists in their music.

The anointment of the House of Saud more than three centuries ago came with a pledge to rule in tandem with the austere clerics of Wahhabi Islam whose puritanical theology has provided some of the underpinnings for the extremist groups throughout the Middle East.

Clint Eastwood's Iraq war drama American Sniper has stunned Hollywood by setting a new record at the American box office, overcoming low expectations and a wave of controversy over the film's supposed glorification of war.

He was the surly pizza man who interrupted a class at Ridgemont High to deliver a double cheese and sausage to the cool student played by Sean Penn.

If you were hoping to find a little more time for yourself or your loved ones in the new year, you are in luck: 2015 is going to be exactly one second longer than 2014 was.

A new video shows a British photojournalist held captive by Islamic State giving a stylised media tour of the beleaguered northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

Larry Wilkins was watching the evening news when he heard a knock on his door. Standing on his porch was a thin, black-haired girl, whimpering and trembling.

Looking for ways to reduce your risk of cancer? Try losing weight. A new study estimates that 3.6 per cent of cancers diagnosed around the world in 2012 could be traced to the excess weight of patients.

Researchers have found more proof that thinking hard pays handsomely in protecting brain power as you age.

The arrival of fast and relatively inexpensive genome sequencing is likely to open whole new avenues for diagnosing and treating diseases. But in a new study, scientists show that it can also reveal how some age-related diseases establish a foothold in the human body.

As gross as it sounds, samples of the world's oldest known human faeces are offering scientists new insight into the gastronomic behaviour of our extinct, meat-loving cousins, the Neanderthals.

Children are remarkable judges of the people around them, with studies having shown them to be able to tell when someone is lying. Now researchers have found they pick up on more subtle aspects of misinformation such as when someone is telling only part of the truth.

When Ma Wenfeng was a boy, his father earned so little money growing wheat and corn that the family mainly ate mantou, a steamed bread that is a staple of the poor. The last thing he would have dreamed of was becoming a farmer.

When Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow walked the streets of San Francisco's Chinatown in one of his natty suits, bright pocket square ablaze, he exuded power.

After court verdict bans Japan from hunting whales, conservationists fear the country will find loopholes in order to continue the slaughter and keep cultural traditions alive.


Italian researchers named the new bacterium P. acnes Zappae after the genre-bending and iconoclastic Frank Zappa - whose surname in Italy also means "hoe" - in a nod to the agrarian roots of the wine-related institute where the discovery was made.

She was a North Korean success story. For more than two decades, the woman, now 50, dabbled in businesses along the border between China and North Korea. She sold rice, traded foreign currency and opened a massage parlour in China. She travelled between the two countries with relative ease and was making sufficient money to live comfortably, so much so that she rebuffed invitations to join a sister who had defected to South Korea.


Scientists say they found traces of nickel and iron in the powerful jets shooting out of black hole candidate 4U 1630-47, a small black hole just a few times the mass of our sun. It may help solve a scientific puzzle that has lingered for decades.