Liana Cafolla

When decking the halls, tables and more, bright hues of blue and silver along with eco-friendly materials are the new trend, but will holiday shoppers change their traditions?

When it comes to decorations, you can show a little less decorum by giving rein to creative impulses with edgy tinsel and baubles as well as wooden trees

Everything’s on the table for city in this time of transition, says Chinese-Canadian author who taught in Hong Kong for five years and calls herself a reluctant commentator on Chinese affairs

The Tony Award-winning director talks about growing up speaking another language and discovering a playwright whose The Beauty Queen of Leenane she brings to the Lyric Theatre


In defiance of official orders, Chiune Sugihara, of the Japanese consulate in Lithuania, risked his career to save the lives of Jews fleeing from the Nazis in 1940

As the only member of her family to survive Auschwitz, the 87-year-old author talks to Liana Cafolla about loss and the tragedy of war.

What do you get when you go to a private bank? Liana Cafolla discovers a combination of bespoke answers.

How much do you really need for your pension? Liana Cafolla outlines some base-case scenarios.

The British mountaineer, who recently took part in a Hong Kong student leadership programme, tells Liana Cafolla about the thrill of the climb.

When Mina Weight and her husband, Guy Facey, found they could not have children, they knew exactly what they wanted to do - adopt from China. It was a country they knew and loved; both had travelled extensively in the country on business and spoke fluent Putonghua. But they had to break down walls of bureaucracy and incomprehension in their native Britain before they could make that dream come true.

Exclusive shared-ownership deals unlock a world of luxury properties without the hassle, writes Liana Cafolla.

As Hong Kong entrepreneurs from the 1960s pass retirement age, their families are faced with the often difficult problems of succession. Liana Cafolla talks to both business experts and family therapists.