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Liya Su
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Liya Su covers human-interest stories in China, including trending news and culture diversity.

A food delivery rider in China brandished a big stick and threatened to poison a customer who gave him a bad review, sparking a heated discussion on mainland social media.

A brave man in China has died from a debilitating form of muscular dystrophy, aged 40, after defying doctors’ predictions that he would not survive past 20, and helping support his family by setting up online businesses.

Two newlyweds added an unusual twist to their wedding by competing in a League of Legends competition during their nuptials, with the winner receiving lucky money as a reward.

There has been outrage on mainland social media after it emerged that a negligent nanny, whose actions resulted in the death of a two-year-old girl, is counter-suing the child’s grieving parents for defamation.


A court in China has granted a woman a personal safety protection order after her husband banned her from working and cut off all contact with her friends and family.

A caring and thoughtful mother in China has been widely praised online after she rewarded her happy son, 7, despite the fact that he only made meagre progress in a school exam.

A woman in China is facing fierce criticism online after she tried to bully a ride-hailing driver into driving 50km to return a phone she left in his car for free.

A brave woman in China who suffered horrific, long-term injuries when she intervened to save the life of her roommate from a crazed ex-boyfriend with a knife has told of the hurt she feels after being shunned by the “friend” she saved.

A video of a four-year-old boy in China working hard to help his mother get into a wheelchair after a fall has gone viral, touching many people on mainland social media.

Police in China have detained a gang of scammers after one of its members sent a victim a good fortune red envelope, leading investigators to the account holder.

A mother in China who uses household items like bed sheets and cardboard boxes to craft ancient Chinese costumes says she is making “beautiful memories” for her son.

A “jogging-obsessed” man in China has been accused by his ex-wife of leaving their young daughter alone in a locked car so he could take part in a running race.

A brave little girl in China who spoke up to defend her family from her dad’s bad temper while also showing compassion and understanding for his feelings has won many admirers on mainland social media.


A popular blogger in China has struck a chord with millions of people online after revealing that his 30-year-old cancer victim friend told him he was “happy” because death would “free” him from his controlling parents.

The newlywed husband and wife have handed the US$27,000 they saved up for a fancy wedding celebration to charity, earning widespread praise on mainland social media.

The story of a woman in China who demanded an ex-colleague attend her wedding so that he could pay a cash gift to reciprocate her “blessing” at his marriage has gone viral on mainland social media.

A student in China who wanted to play games instead of paying attention in class, brutally attacked his teacher after he removed the boy’s mobile phone during a lesson.

A 78-year-old woman in China – who suffered serious illness earlier in life – has been dubbed the “most beautiful yoga grandma” after adopting a strict fitness regime when she turned 60.

Mainland social media has been captivated by the story of a little girl in China who thanked two police officers for their hard work by secretly paying for their meal in a restaurant.

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