Liya Su
Liya Su
Senior Reporter, Culture
Liya Su is a China-based culture and food journalist. She has long been interested in digging into the diversity of culture, life and gastronomy in China and beyond.

An older sister in China has worked hard and saved money for 12 years to buy a home and a car for her brother to help him find a wife, prompting a heated debate over the gender imbalance in the country.

A Chinese woman who lost both her legs in an earthquake has been able to experience the joy of dancing in high heels again, thanks to special prosthetic limbs designed by her husband.

Opinion in China is divided over the latest case of tough love parenting where a boy watching too much TV is forced to stay up all night in front of the screen as punishment.

Quirky China: dogs told off like naughty children by their owner go viral, mum using tote bag to carry baby divides opinion and little boy’s delight at new sister.

A woman in China seeks advice online after a blind date arrives with his six-year-old daughter, and later finds out he’d only been divorced for one week.

A 50-year-old man in China goes viral worldwide after he was photographed running a full marathon in just under three and a half hours while chain-smoking.


A single 36-year-old woman in China goes viral with a declaration she enjoys being single and rejects ‘low-quality marriage’, renewing the debate on intense pressure on young Chinese to marry.

A video of a man in China breaking down while seeking help from police after losing a phone with photos of his dead wife has touched a nerve on mainland social media.

A ‘life and death’ drinking game made popular via Chinese social media has faced a barrage of criticism after firefighters were forced to use bolt cutters to free two drunk women who padlocked themselves together around the neck and threw the key down a toilet.

The story of a woman who was told 17 years ago that her baby boy had died by relatives - who then stole the child in an illegal adoption - has found her son in a case that has shocked China.

The quick thinking of a 4-year-old who kept her nerve when a fire started while she and her baby sister were home by themselves impresses mainland China after emergency call audio is released.

An underweight woman is told she’s too thin for her job as a beauty influencer, so she goes on a junk food eating binge and has a friend make a video of her new diet that goes viral in China.

Quirky China: kitten gives a woman a fish as a present, a couple hold a birthday on a roadside after an accident and a boy gives a bunch of grapes personality.


A woman in China who quit her job as a new media specialist after being forced to clean toilets on her first day is an internet sensation, praised for sharing her experience and outing the company.


A Chinese woman who put herself in harm’s way to save a little boy from a truck and lost an arm in the process is being hailed as a ‘superhero’ on mainland social media.

A Chinese local official wins respect after taking in his stride criticism of his ‘ugly’ portrayal of an ancient knight in a series of self-made amateur films promoting tourism in his local area.

Pets are famously valuable for bringing love, joy and humour into the lives of their owners, and this week we highlight cute, adorable and heartwarming moments from man’s best friend.

The Chinese internet was amused by a viral video of two parents having to use a fishing rod to prod and wake their sleeping daughter, who had locked them out.

The owner of a corgi in China who allows the dog to roam near an offal eatery was shocked by its ballooning weight and is taking drastic measures to tighten the canine’s belt – attaching a threatening Post-it note to its coat.

A man in China with a goose egg-sized gastric stone claims it was dissolved by drinking soft drinks for a week, however, doctors recommend seeking medical advice as it can cause other health problems.


A little girl in China went viral after she expressed shock and amusement when she stumbled upon a model in an advertisement who looked shockingly similar.


A mother in China was surprised when picking up her 2-year-old son from preschool to find he had made a special new friend he wanted to introduce to her and who also called her ‘mum’.

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