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Rural China vlogger and top online personality, Sister Yu, is often described as a “combative” version of one-time internet superstar, Li Ziqi, thanks to her no-nonsense depiction of rural life in the harsh environs of northeastern China.

A court in China has granted a woman a personal safety protection order after her husband banned her from working and cut off all contact with her friends and family.


A woman in China almost had to fork out US$60,000 to pay a restaurant bill after she accidentally included the food ordering QR code on her social media account.

A woman in China who saved a Border Collie dog that had been traded for 20kg of pork and was destined to be slaughtered for meat has earned praise on mainland social media.

A devoted new father in China has been praised on mainland social media for holding a care-strategy meeting with his family to ensure that his wife was tended to properly after giving birth.

Mainland social media has been outraged by a father in China who imposed a highly abusive study regime on his 16-year-old daughter after she failed to gain admission to a top university.

A show-off father in China has faced intense criticism online after he flaunted his wealth to vent at a teacher who did not include his son in a classroom video.

A young woman in China has lost a legal bid to have her mother punished for years of physical and verbal abuse, but has been granted a restraining order to protect her from future ill treatment.

The notion that a number, a colour, a way of dressing or a mode of behaviour can change your luck in life is centuries old in China, the Post offers a mini guide to some of the most recent derivations of an ancient phenomenon.

A woman in China with a boyfriend 17 years her junior has sparked astonishment on mainland social media after she was caught at Beijing airport using a fake passport to hide her real age.

A young couple in China have been detained by police after engaging in a public bondage role-play session which featured the man in dog headgear crawling along the ground led by woman carrying a whip.

A six-year-old girl in China was ordered by her kindergarten teacher to wash class tableware for three weeks, then expelled after her father complained, in a story that has caused outrage on mainland social media.

A secondary schoolgirl in China who left a note for her mother at a parent-teacher meeting asking her not to be angry because she had not won any awards has been praised on mainland social media.

A man in China has successfully sued an insurance company for failing to honour a “love insurance” policy that promised a payout of 9,995 yuan if he and his girlfriend married within a stipulated period of time.

A superstitious woman in China was told she had less than a year to live by her fraudulent “best friend” posing as an online fortune-teller, who then conned her into buying an expensive talisman and sending monthly payments.

A generous and anonymous donor in China has given a total of US$2.3 million to a charity over the past 25 years, touching the hearts of many people on mainland social media.

A man in China has accused the adoptive parents of his 16-year-old biological daughter of agreeing to her “ghost marriage” after she committed suicide following long-term emotional abuse, sparking an online outcry.

A woman in China is so addicted to eating hotpot from the mainland restaurant chain Haidilao that she has consumed the meal 627 times in the past nine years at a total cost of 270,000 yuan.

Chinese Olympic Committee and General Administration of Sport release statement slamming ‘irrational actions’ after athletes ask overly eager fans to respect boundaries.

In order to cope with a nationwide outbreak of respiratory diseases, hospitals in China are setting up special “homework zones” for sick children, sparking a fierce discussion on mainland social media.

The DNA-match reunion of parents with their son in China, who was abducted as a child 33 years ago and is now in jail for petty crime, has triggered online condemnation of the toll human trafficking takes on people’s lives.

An elaborate swindle by a woman in China which saw her con more than 1.79 million yuan from her so-called friend by posing as the son of a wealthy business executive has stunned many people on mainland social media.

The story of an undergraduate student in China who died after a marathon live-stream gaming internship and whose family were offered just US$700 in compensation has sparked outrage on mainland social media.

A proud father in China has paid tribute to his son in an emotional school speech in which he laid out the boy’s strengths despite his poor performance in exams.

A devoted father in China has been uploading footage from his dead daughter’s 27 years of life since her birth date in July, saying he is “digitally resurrecting her life”.

A court in China has ruled that the last will and testament of a now-deceased woman, which was posted on the WeChat social media app, is legally invalid.

An online celebrity wearing provocative clothes and posing as a food delivery rider has helped spread rumours of a covert sex delivery service, sparking outrage on mainland social media.