Mischa Moselle
Mischa Moselle
After two decades of noshing in Hong Kong, Mischa Moselle likes to think he knows his way around a plate and a bottle. As his tailor knows, he’ll eat and drink anything but particular favourites are gutsy French and Thai food and well-made wine from anywhere.

Recent research shows the consumption of cinnamon can reduce blood sugar levels but this popular spice is no magic bullet against diabetes and obesity

Charles Lewis Tiffany created the first raised setting for a diamond on a ring in 1886, setting off a trend that’s being marked with display at The Landmark in Central featuring an 8.8 carat diamond ring


Rising demand in China and Taiwan makes Hong Kong an ideal location for showcasing the jewels, which will can be tendered for with sealed bids


Many of us are partial to the parson’s nose from a roast chicken or on a skewer, but there are a number of myths surrounding the juicy back end of the bird

It’s a great time to buy 19th century pieces, but do your homework and don’t overpay or bargain too hard, says Christopher Payne, formerly of Sotheby’s, whose own passion for Chinese furniture often brings him to China


A nation long accustomed to invented dishes and Cantonese fare adapted to their supposed tastes has woken up to authentic, high-quality regional Chinese cuisines and ingredients

Four beers from Scotland’s biggest brewery, though not its bestselling Tennent’s Lager, to join crowded Chinese market, where it could give Stella Artois some competition, one expert says

The trade show is trying to crack down on freeloading by tightening its invitation process, which has annoyed some wine insiders and journalists who say they’re having trouble getting access

Mischa Moselle completes only 450km of his 1,450km route, and trims 27cm of a target 60cm from his waist – but he’s learned some valuable things about himself and made some positive changes

Father-of-five set out to walk 1,450km across southern India, hoping to reduce his 145cm waistline. At first he shed the kilos quickly, but now finds it harder to lose weight and wonders if he’s set himself overambitious targets

The tape measure is fast becoming Mischa Moselle’s best friend as he manages to shed another 5cm from his waistline, braving some erratic driving as he walks off the kilos along the roads of southern India

Mischa Moselle manages to lose another 5cm off his waistline as he visits Fort Cochin and Jew Town in the capital of India’s southernmost state – and he’s finally found good coffee

Food writer Mischa Moselle, who's morbidly obese and trying to put right years of ill-advised consumption, breaks down his journey across southern India into bite-sized chunks

For most of my life I’ve been a fatness fanatic, spending more than half my career in journalism focusing on food and drink, especially alcoholic drink. I’ve ended up grotesquely obese – that’s my new category above morbidly obese. My normal exercise is a 20-minute stroll from my house to the ferry pier. Recently I’ve had to stop and rest even during that, writes Mischa Moselle.

Craft beer, bolts of silk and scrumptious street food: the city - also known as Bengaluru - may be  modernising rapidly but it still retains much charm.

Yenn Wong of 208 Duecento Otto, 22 Ships  and Aberdeen Street Social teams up with David Lai, French-trained chef-proprietor of On Lot 10 and Bistronomique, in Sai Ying Pun venture

A good pub needs well-kept beer that's not overpriced, loud music but only in one room (ditto TV screen), and a jukebox. It should be a place to go regularly to talk about sport, politics and religion.

No one is quite sure how this drink got it's name, but it certainly trips off the tongue better than its original name, Milano-Torino. It slips down the throat pretty easily, too.

Chef explores Asian and European fermentation, pickling and salting techniques, and puts some of them into action on menus; he dreams of having his own food laboratory one day.

Raisin-infused whisky and maple syrup make this concoction a great drink, but notwithstanding the name it's hard to imagine it as an accompaniment to an actual breakfast.

The drink’s creator, Ondrej Pospichal at Le Port Parfumé in Sheung Wan, riffs on a nautical theme to create a cocktail that's essentially a punch.

Notoriously difficult to make, pike quenelles has dropped off menus in France, but Mischa Moselle finds one chef who has brought the dish from a Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris to a Hong Kong bistro.