Natasha Warren-James

All too often, we can find ourselves harbouring unhelpful thoughts. With some simple exercises, you can focus on what's really behind them, reframe your problems and take back control.

At a time when young people are under so much pressure, leading to mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety, we should know how to keep each other safe.

Take a moment to step away from everything that's weighing you down with this ancient technique believed to have major benefits on your physical and mental health.

Developing a positive identity can be tricky for all young people, especially those questioning their sexuality or gender, but these tips from a professional counsellor may help.


It's great to set goals and aim to achieve something new, but being thankful for what has already happened can have a surprisingly powerful effect.

Mastering the ability to think and speak positively about yourself may just change your life for the better - and no, it's not the same as boasting

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