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Tim Grammer ended up in hospital with broken ribs and a collapsed lung after he was run over by a boat while going for a paddle in Christchurch’s Lyttelton Harbour.

Humidity in Auckland was set to hit a shirt-dampening 91 per cent on Monday – the same figure forecast for Singapore – as hot, moist air from near the equator brought tropical conditions to the normally temperate country.

Ardern apologised again on Wednesday for her muttered remark about the leader of another political party – before going to confirm that she stands by all her ‘insults and apologies’.


Jacinda Ardern has since apologised to ACT Party leader David Seymour for the remarks she made as she took her seat following questions in parliament on Tuesday.

Aaron Joseph Hutton, known on the dark web as ‘Kiwipedo’, offered US$9,500 in cash or in bitcoin for a child. His intended victim was to be a 3-year-old girl who ‘was to become a sex slave’, a judge said.

The doctor, who subscribes to a range of debunked conspiracies about Covid vaccines, was investigated after sending an antivax text message to hundreds of his patients.


A woman arrested in South Korea over the deaths of two children whose bodies were found in suitcases in New Zealand claims to have been stalked and sexually assaulted, a Korean TV show reported.


The Home Reef volcano began erupting on September 10 and carried on until at least Friday. The new island it formed has grown to 24,000 square metres – but may not last for long.

Darren Maheno’s videos racked up millions of views on the social media platform before he deactivated his account and vanished. He has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, domestic violence and illegal threats.

The millionaire investor stabbed to death Auckland business partner Elizabeth Zhong amid a heated court battle over control of their failing company.

The head of the US Indo-Pacific Command said he wanted to identify new areas where Washington could work with Wellington, calling Australia and New Zealand’s Pacific leadership ‘critically important’.

Johnson’s vigorous, drawn-out handshake left observers on either side of the globe wondering what it was all about – and praising Ardern’s diplomacy.

The family were travelling home to Auckland when their Toyota Hiace van hit a truck and was almost completely destroyed. Seven people, including a ‘young Taiwanese’ woman’s baby, died.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister said China’s presence in the region was not new, but Beijing’s recent propositions showed island nations should stick together to advance regional interests. Last month, China reportedly sought a regional deal with at least 10 Pacific island nations.

Pacific countries can make their own decisions about engaging with China, Jacinda Ardern says, after Beijing reportedly sought a Pacific agreement with 10 nations, sparking debate about the influence of major powers.

Her comments come as China on Monday fell short on a bold plan to have 10 Pacific nations endorse a sweeping new agreement covering everything from security to fisheries, with some in the region expressing deep concerns.


Leader of New Zealand’s opposition National Party Christopher Luxon unable to leave premises for fear of encountering demonstrators angry about vaccine mandates; protesters disillusioned with Government’s Covid policies.

Jun “Jimmy” Jin, who was paid to tail Zhong in the months before her death, told a court he removed a tracking device from under her SUV after her murder.

Jun “Jimmy” Jin told a court he was knowingly breaking the law when he placed a tracking device under Elizabeth Zhong’s SUV. The former police officer was hired by Fang Sun, an estranged business partner of Zhong’s who is now on trial for her murder.

Eleven months before she was stabbed over 20 times and stuffed into the boot of her own Land Rover, the Chinese woman reported her former business partner’s threats to New Zealand police: ‘It’s not me. It’s the Hong Kong guys. They will be always after you.’

The British prince is due to reveal a new project he is involved with in an exclusive interview airing on Māori TV on Monday tonight; presenter Moana Maniapoto is hoping his message will ‘spark a discussion’.

She told her about threats she said she received from the defendant: ‘I could tell she was getting very desperate and upset at the time,’ her daughter said; Zhong was stabbed more than 20 times.

Ardern broke the news on social media and will work remotely as she isolates for the next seven days. Meanwhile New Zealand also reported its first case of the BA.5 variant of Omicron.

David Zheng denies owing money to Zhong, but admits US$50,000 is tied up in company they started and US$20,000 frozen in Chinese bank account; Zhong was stabbed more than 20 times during a knife attack in her home.

The masks, which use state of the art technology to reduce the emissions of toxic greenhouse gases emitted by cows’ mouths and nostrils, were designed by Zelp as part of the Prince of Wales’ Sustainable Markets initiative.

Elizabeth Zhong, who formerly worked at Beijing’s stock market, moved to NZ in 1997. Fang Sun is accused of killing her over the loss of US$16.5 million, prosecutors said.

PM Scott Morrison said Australia halted an ‘incursion’ by working closely with China and providing Covid-19 help. Elsewhere, New Zealand reports its highest death toll; South Korea logs 350,000 new cases.