Nicolette Wong

Originally designed to allow women to discreetly check the time, these artful, gem-covered timepieces are now collectable curiosities of stunning intricacy and craftsmanship

Inspiration struck in the 1930s when VCA creative director Renée Puissant met Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, who told him about a fascinating new fastener in her favourite clothes …

Invented by Abraham-Louis Breguet for Napoleon in 1801, big name watchmakers continue to add tourbillons of all kinds to their models to show off their technical skills

The Swiss luxury watchmaker teams up with Avenger actor Don Cheadle to launch an initiative aimed at underprivileged schoolkids in the US and beyond

Watch brands are trying out augmented reality headsets and virtual assistants – while old-school holdouts, like Rolex, insist technology is not immersive enough yet

Tourbillons are trending, Cartier delighted with skeletonised timepieces and Hermès used a meteorite from Mars – while Roger Dubuis unveiled a gong sounding a dissonant tritone known as the ‘devil’s interval’.