While it is neither here nor there, nor the be-all and end-all, you probably use phrases coined or popularised by William Shakespeare every day, writes Charlotte Runcie

For his owners, Thomas has been a 'really useful engine' for 70 years. Paul Kendall finds out why such an old-fashioned character continues to thrive in the online age.

José Mourinho, the celebrated manager of Chelsea Football Club, tells Mick Brown why it is absurd to think footballers are important and that he talks to God about everything except the beautiful game.

With 73.2 million Weibo followers hanging on to her every word, actress Yao Chen wields some serious clout. So what is it about the 'middle-class' Christian from Fujian that has everyone so rapt?


From a gold pyramid to a concrete castle, Horatia Harrod looks at some weird and wonderful structures built single-handedly by their owners.

Who among us hasn't pondered which superpower they would have, given the choice? Marvel comics ignited our imaginations but real-life 'mutants' are already among us. Jake Wallis Simons reports.

The base of a former testing site in Xinjiang is being turned into a 'red tourism' destination ahead of the 50th anniversary of China's nuclear debut, writes Tom Phillips.

Despite the name, Paul Tough doesn't look like a Martin Amis character. He's a tall, groomed, optimistic New Yorker - and he thinks he may have discovered the key to our children's success.

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