Vote yes to ensure UK remains dominant power in Europe

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 01 March, 2016, 5:02pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 01 March, 2016, 5:02pm

In response to Jerry Wraith’s letter (“Register so you can vote for British EU exit”, February 27) reminding all eligible persons to register in order for them to vote the United Kingdom “out” in the pending referendum on European Union membership, I agree, but register to vote and keep the UK “in”.

Mr Wraith talks of the “eventual disappearance” of the UK as a country. What folly drives him to make such a comment lies at the foundation of the scaremongering of those who seek to destroy a union that has allowed Europe to enjoy unprecedented decades of peace and prosperity, free from the individual pursuits of the old empires that twice drove Europe to war.

Membership of the EU is a privilege, yet like membership to any prestigious club, one at times has to deal with irritating fellow members and be governed by rules that do not always make sense.

Yet to resign membership will often see a former member regret their decision and earnestly seek a way back in. This is the reality for Britain should it seek to leave the EU.

The EU clearly needs reform, but that can only be achieved by being a member.

The emotive rhetoric of the “out” supporters are reactions to the state of the EU today. However, they give no indication to a future European community that has every chance to develop into the greatest alliance of economic power the world has ever seen.

To not be a part of this is lunacy and will result in a UK begging for scraps from a union it was once at the core of.

I agree with Mr Wraith that all of us who are eligible to vote do, but vote to remain in and ensure that our UK remains a dominant power within the EU.

Mark Peaker, The Peak