Readers discuss opportunities for the city to take the helm in the new tech landscape, and how the government can encourage use of its online identity authentication app.

Readers discuss the stereotypical view of Singapore that persists in Hong Kong, and discrimination related to mainland travellers and organ donation.


Readers discuss a television drama’s portrayal of Hong Kong’s sex industry in the 1980s, and the easing of rules on women freezing their eggs in Singapore.

Readers discuss an audio recording that resulted in the firing of three airline staff, the use of ChatGPT at Hong Kong universities, and support that would benefit the city’s elderly.

Readers discuss the Hong Kong government’s response to withdrawals from the organ donor register, the need for a science-based review of the city’s Covid strategy, and the EU’s treatment of China.

Readers discuss the Western foreign policy focus on Russia and China, how the stigma of mental health issues affect medical workers, the rise in Covid-19 cases in Hong Kong, and the needs of the local poor.

Readers discuss the three-month jail sentence given in a case where a child died, political cartoons in a democratic society, the gap in animal protection in mainland China, and the outrage over wild boar kills in Hong Kong.

Readers discuss the shift in focus to intra-district connectivity in Kai Tak, a costly attempt to secure a tourist visa to mainland China, and Elon Musk’s wrong-headed beliefs about remote work.

Readers discuss the youthful rebellion against China’s work culture, the reasons behind delayed mail between Hong Kong and the UK, and the case for equal treatment of all workers.

Readers discuss the need for balance between housing development and recreational facilities, the challenge of getting Cathay Pacific back to profitability, and a potential ally in facilitating contentious developments.

Readers discuss the arrest of 23 people in an ICAC crackdown, the contractual obligations of those who employ domestic helpers, and Hong Kong banks’ overreliance on mortgage income.

Readers discuss Hong Kong Disneyland’s losses over the years, how to tackle the rise of mental health problems among students, and the impact of the Biden laptop controversy.

Readers discuss the need for reform to moderate the cycle of boom and bust, the advantages of the financial hubs of Singapore and Hong Kong, and the role of language teachers in an age of AI.

Readers discuss the potential impact of the automated toll system on car growth, how to improve road safety on Sai Sha Road, and the future of coal.

Readers discuss the reality of English teaching in a globalised world, the validity of the argument against using the golf course for housing, the daily annoyance of junk calls, and what Turkish voters should demand of their new government.

Readers discuss deteriorating China-Canada relations, Cathay Pacific’s flagship carrier status, the replacement of liberal studies, and the rising number of Hong Kong students struggling with mental health.

Readers discuss why criticism of the Modi government rings hollow, how to make better use of Hong Kong’s wealth of traffic accident data, and public vigilance against online fraud.

Readers discuss the criticism against the ban by the athletics governing body, the arrest of former Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan, the speed of mail delivery post-Covid, and why ChatGPT is a great teaching moment.

Readers discuss the mistaken description of the government’s district council revamp, the development potential for Hong Kong’s bond market, and how to plug the cybersecurity gap.

Readers discuss a compromise on the proposal to stop helpers breaking their contracts, the advantages of an anti-bullying law, and the opposition to the Fanling housing project.

Readers discuss the lessons we should learn from Japan’s defeat in World War II, the wisdom in Hong Kong’s district council revamp, and the appeal of a Biden-Trump rematch in the 2024 presidential election.

Readers discuss the ills of a US dollar-dominated financial system, the worrying vulnerabilities in US banks, turning Hong Kong school closures into an opportunity, and the long wait to become a member of the Hong Kong Golf Club.

Readers discuss how we should understand a Beijing heavyweight’s caution about protests, the responsibility to prevent erroneous reporting on Hong Kong, and why employers and domestic workers should be free to break a contract.

Readers discuss the challenges and opportunities with the rise of ChatGPT and other AI chatbots, how the Biden administration has fallen short, the positive changes to Hong Kong district councils, and why women should embrace ageing.

Post readers discuss the environmental impact assessment of a housing plan on the Fanling golf course, and the need for context in a discussion of taxi complaints.