British people voted to assert control over their own destiny

PUBLISHED : Monday, 27 June, 2016, 5:07pm
UPDATED : Monday, 27 June, 2016, 5:07pm

As a holder of a Portuguese passport, I prefer to see Britain remaining in the European Union. People who hold EU passports can freely enter member states and enjoy various privileges, one of which is free public education. Nevertheless, the result of the referendum went contrary to my wish, as Britons voted to leave the EU.

However, we should put ourselves in other people’s shoes. It is good for Britain to leave the European Union, I think, even though the nation may face an immediate economic downturn. In the eyes of most British, their first priority is not the economy but sovereignty, which undoubtedly they want to assert.

In the aftermath of the referendum, we know that the most important thing for citizens is that the destiny of their nation is in their control. Since many Eastern European nations became member states of the EU, a large number of immigrants from Eastern Europe have entered Britain. Not only has that given rise to a competitive job market, but it has had a direct impact on the British culture and lifestyle. It is no surprise to anybody to see people of different ethnicities walking around the streets of London and other British cities.

The problem is that the British government can do nothing with the immigration policies according to the EU law. This worries the locals that they will be the minority in their nation one day and their cultures will possibly be overwhelmed by foreign ones.

The British ought to be proud of themselves because they have the right to choose their own lifestyle. They are not under the domination of politicians and businessmen, but have a good political system that provides them with an opportunity to opt for their future.

I offer my heartiest congratulations to those who cast their votes to leave the EU.

Barnaby Ieong, Macau