Hong Kong taxis
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Mobile phones line the dash board of a taxi in Central, in 2009. Photo: Jonathan Wong

Rude, reckless Hong Kong taxi drivers: will they ever be brought to book?

Once again, a promise from the government of taking action against Hong Kong’s worst taxi drivers (“ New demerit point system for Hong Kong taxi drivers being considered in crackdown on bad services”, May 17). But when is action finally going to happen?

I was recently in a taxi when the driver was on a video call, with the phone placed on his dashboard. When I asked him to turn the phone off while driving along a busy road, he told me to get out. 

I reported this to the police with pictures of him looking at the video while driving but, according to the police and the law, the act  doesn’t warrant prosecution

Sharp rise in the number of taxi drivers prosecuted for refusing fares and overcharging

The Road Traffic (Traffic Control) regulations state that unless the driver is holding the  phone in his hand, or between his head and shoulders, he cannot be penalised. My question is, in that case, is it safe for a driver to watch videos while on the road?

Hong Kong taxi drivers threaten to ‘defend’ their rights if police don’t crack down harder on Uber

The police explained that this is a grey area and is not under the law covering prosecution. Do we have to wait for accidents to happen before action is taken with reckless and rude Hong Kong taxi drivers?

Install cameras as soon as possible, safety is much more a priority than privacy, in my opinion.

Beth Narain, Mid-Levels