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Hong Kong kids seeking instant fame on Tik Tok: a cry for attention that parents should heed

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 31 May, 2018, 8:32pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 31 May, 2018, 8:32pm

I refer to the article on Hong Kong children being obsessed with the Tik Tok app (“Google, Tik Tok and why Hong Kong parents are to blame ”, May 21).

This news really shocked me. I did not even know that those aged under 16 are not supposed to download Tik Tok, since most of my friends are obsessed with it. Also, I was surprised to learn how young people are bent on becoming famous at any cost.

Lip syncing, finger dancing – Hong Kong kids go crazy for Tik Tok

A Tik Tok spokesperson said they are committed to protecting all users, amid reports that children as young as nine are exposing their identities, innermost thoughts and even bodies to strangers online.

Watch: Tik Tok raises concerns about children’s privacy

However, the developers of Tik Tok should not be the only ones blamed, since other apps can also contain inappropriate content. Children are vulnerable because they use digital devices a lot. It is the responsibility of parents to guide and protect them.

Young users may want to become instant celebrities and seek attention because they do not get enough from those around them, including parents and friends. Parents never seem to spend time with their children because of Hong Kong’s fast-paced lifestyle, while children themselves rarely get enough quality time to relax.

It is good that children have found a space where they can express themselves. However, they could do with some guidance. We should spend time with others instead of staying glued to our devices.

Rainee Ho, Kwai Chung