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Hong Kong NGOs can help the elderly by launching donation drives

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 21 June, 2018, 12:48pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 21 June, 2018, 12:48pm

I refer to the letter from Matthew Lin (“How long will Hong Kong continue to fail the elderly who helped build the wealthy global metropolis?”, June 17) about the pathetic way we fail to honour our elderly.

Those aged above 70 get the paltry monthly Old Age Allowance or “fruit money”; others may be eligible for the means-tested Old Age Living Allowance (now at HK$3,485) but – because they lack enough savings to generate an annuity – have to return to the daily grind of collecting cardboard.

Also, this higher subsidy cannot be availed of if the elderly receive any other Social Welfare Department or social security allowance.

Many among this group of elderly are single and, with no family members to depend on, are in need of social welfare assistance if they cannot work to generate more income.

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I suggest that NGOs initiate donation campaigns, just like for poor children in Africa or in war zones, for our senior citizens who are badly in need of assistance.

A donation of HK$100 a month would be a small sacrifice to help those who have contributed so much to our society; it would show our gratitude as a community, and can improve family ties and social harmony.

Edmond Pang, Fanling