July 1 march

What July 1 critics of one-party state don’t get about Hong Kong and China

PUBLISHED : Monday, 02 July, 2018, 9:03pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 03 July, 2018, 5:48pm

While watching the coverage of the July 1 demonstrations in Hong Kong, I was particularly amused to hear the rants from some against a one-party state and slamming the lack of freedoms in Hong Kong (“Thousands march in Hong Kong to express discontent with city’s governance”, July 1). Ours is surely one of the freest societies in the world, as we are repeatedly reminded by various studies and think tanks, though most of us need no reminder.

What I found most laughable were the comments from some Westerners attending. One only has to look at the social and political movements in the US, which scream “open borders” and “socialism” and demand lots of freebies, and violently demand, effectively, a one-party state.

Hong Kong’s freedoms are alive and kicking

What they seek is the shutting down free debate and discourse, and the pursuit of happiness, with the Democratic Party in charge of everything, from the White House to the Supreme Court of the United States to both Houses of Congress: works well for all those decrepit violent inner cities where Democrats have been in charge for as long as anyone can remember (“Marchers across US protest immigration policy as Trump spends weekend at golf resort”, July 1).

Watch: July 1 march goes ahead despite controversy over protest route

Or look at the UK, and opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s rise, with his extreme brand of socialism manifesting itself in an extremely violent, crime-ridden, London; not to mention the bureaucratic nightmare that is the European Union.

China is the ultimate benevolent state compared to what these blinkered analysts regard as the ideal society.

G. Bailey, Ta Kwu Ling