British youth will be thankful for post-Brexit prosperity

PUBLISHED : Friday, 06 July, 2018, 11:32pm
UPDATED : Friday, 06 July, 2018, 11:32pm

At last, after a virtual torrent of letters and articles in the Post over many months, warning of the dire fate awaiting the UK when the country escapes the shackles of the European Union, an article proclaiming the contrary view: the reality (“How a post-Brexit Britain can chart an independent future, free of the burdens of the EU”, July 3). Thank you, Mr Grenville Cross.

The United Kingdom joined what was portrayed as a common market. Had the population been informed at the time of the reality – the country being subsumed in a political union having control, inter alia, of parliament, courts, immigration and fishing grounds, with the apparent intent ultimately to destroy the nation state – that referendum would have produced a resounding “no”.

Too many migrants, not Brexit, will herald the end of the EU

The country will prosper after Brexit, have no doubt about that, just like it did before. If they will have us, we may resume trading with the farmers of New Zealand, Australia and Canada, among others, people with whom we have a common language, who fought with us in two world wars and who in large numbers were adversely affected when the UK were obliged to cast them aside to get together with what became the EU, or “EUSSR” as it is often aptly described.

The youth of UK will eventually realise what a favour their elders did them in that referendum two long years ago. More power to you, Mr Cross.

Brian Carroll, South Horizons