Hong Kong localism and independence

Hong Kong is too small and weak to survive without China’s protection

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 18 August, 2018, 1:13pm
UPDATED : Saturday, 18 August, 2018, 1:13pm

I write in response to Hong Kong National Party convenor Andy Chan Ho-tin’s talk at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club last Tuesday (“Separatist leader Andy Chan denounces China as ‘threat to all free peoples’”, August 14).

Many Hong Kong teenagers support the idea of Hong Kong independence. However, they do not think much about what would happen after Hong Kong becomes independent. This is true not only of teenagers but also some adults. Their views are simply childish.

Hong Kong is a small city. If Hong Kong is attacked by a large country like the United States, it would surely not be able to fight back and protect its citizens. It is better for Hong Kong to stick with China for our own benefit and safety because China is powerful enough to protect itself and others.

Some politicians in the US support Hong Kong independence to try to undermine confidence in China, so that investors will favour the US over China. The motive of these politicians is money and their own economic gain.

Why is Beijing undermining confidence in Hong Kong?

Although I am not entirely convinced Hong Kong has to be a part of China, but the fact is Hong Kong needs China. How can Hong Kong protect itself and its people without an army and daily necessities like water and food supply? However, opposing Hong Kong independence does not mean loving China.

As a Hongkonger and for my own safety, I want to protect Hong Kong. Supporting Hong Kong independence is akin to letting others destroy Hong Kong. Therefore, I oppose the idea of Hong Kong independence.

Rita Chan, Tseung Kwan O