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The Hong Kong government helping McSleepers? Dream on

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 26 August, 2018, 8:02am
UPDATED : Sunday, 26 August, 2018, 8:02am

A. L. Nanik (“Hong Kong has billions of dollars in budget surplus but the people sleep at McDonald’s: why?”, August 14) should know human beings, as a species, are actually cold-blooded. Our financial secretary is just a housekeeper minding the city’s vault cash, with neither the skill set nor motivation to use the money judiciously for the welfare of disadvantaged residents. The delivery of the long overdue HK$4,000 sweetener has been pushed back until next year, and the promise itself followed much reluctance. This just goes to show how hopeless our government is.

Our government is unable to see how such a small sum can inspire an audacity of hope among the poor. The sooner they receive the sweetener, the sooner they can assure themselves of three square meals a day, buy some decent clothes for work, and enrol in a class to learn some new skills for a better job and new life.

McRefugees in Hong Kong

Let them build on their interests and passion, creating the potential for a better future. Social workers can help them along the road to rejuvenation, instilling hope and perseverance into those in reduced circumstances, such as street sleepers, and inspiring a vision of a personal career and fuller life.

Edmond Pang, Fanling