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British Airways’ sudden sacking of Hong Kong cabin crew is a disgrace

PUBLISHED : Monday, 01 October, 2018, 11:48pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 02 October, 2018, 1:42am

I write in response to the news that British Airways has fired its Hong Kong-based cabin crew with a view to the imminent closure of the Hong Kong base (“British Airways axes entire Hong Kong crew ahead of shutting city base”, September 26).

Frankly, it’s a disgrace. For a while now, BA has been operating as a budget airline, but to treat the staff – some of whom have given more than 20 years of outstanding service – in this way is utterly deplorable. Many of the permanent staff were told their cessation date would be immediate; no chance for one last flight, one last time to proudly wear their BA wings and say goodbye to the company and colleagues they have dedicated their life to serving.

Understandably, in this day and age, cost-saving measures are a necessary evil in order to compete with budget airlines. Yet, where is the compassion for the front-line workers who have provided outstanding service for so long on the Hong Kong-London Heathrow route? Their heartless, inconsiderate and indeed cold-blooded calling of a meeting to terminate contracts immediately smacks of a company which cares little for its employees when it comes to saving money.

One thing’s for sure: the more the top management can save, the bigger their bonus will be. BA is supposed to be the UK’s national carrier, a flagship airline; in actual fact, it’s nothing more than a callous company in demise.

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The staff who have lost their jobs have families to support, mouths to feed, rent to pay. Would it have been so difficult to give them a little bit of notice before brutally ending their careers? I for one definitely won’t be flying with BA ever again. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Stephen Cairns, Hung Hom