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Why don’t Hong Kong drivers yield to ambulances despite flashing lights and sirens?

    PUBLISHED : Sunday, 28 October, 2018, 1:40pm
    UPDATED : Sunday, 28 October, 2018, 1:40pm

    I would like to know what the Hong Kong Police Force’s policy is on having to pull over when there is an ambulance with its warning lights and sirens on.

    I have watched cars blocking the way of an ambulance on an emergency call. The drivers in Hong Kong do not pull over, and often speed alongside the ambulance. Are the drivers not concerned about the fact that there is a person in the ambulance that is in dire need of getting to the hospital as soon as possible and, often, every minute counts?

    Not sure if you’re having a stroke? Just call an ambulance to be safe

    In most Western countries, it is a law for cars to pull over for an ambulance. I wonder if the drivers in Hong Kong know what to do when there is an ambulance with its flashing lights and siren on? It appears that they do not pull over in fear that they will get squeezed out by other cars when the ambulance passes.

    John Monteiro, Pok Fu Lam