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Why Hong Kong tycoon’s support for Lantau mega reclamation does not surprise, but some dreams can struggle to come true

    PUBLISHED : Monday, 29 October, 2018, 7:02pm
    UPDATED : Monday, 29 October, 2018, 7:02pm

    I doubt that Gordon Wu Ying-sheung has ever seen a project that could not be massively magnified. So your report, “Tycoon’s reclamation scheme bolder than official proposal” (October 27), is not surprising. However, such ambitious pipe dreams can often run aground at the level of social, engineering and economic details.

    In his own fiefdom in Southorn, Wan Chai, Wu – the 82-year-old founder and chairman of Hopewell Holdings – has been dreaming of building the largest hotel in Hong Kong for over 30 years, and tying up a large area of public land in the process. This ambition manifested in 1994 as a plan for a 2,000-room, 93-storey “Mega Tower” and later as a 60-storey twin tower hotel complex.

    Gordon Wu: a true visionary, or destroyer of worlds?

    Recently, the Town Planning Board approved a scaled down plan for a 1,000-room, 55-storey tower. However, one detail that has apparently been overlooked in all these years is safe vehicular access to and from the site. The statutory requirements for the widening of Kennedy Road, carriageway realignment and the provision of footpaths, together with the provision of greenery in Ship Street, have been held in abeyance for this 30-year dream.

    Frank Lee, Wan Chai