Hong Kong MTR

Hong Kong MTR should give people what they really want: better service, not just a fare discount

  • MTR Corp should not have implemented the half-price arrangement at the weekend
PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 07 November, 2018, 12:57pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 07 November, 2018, 12:57pm

I refer to the article, “Hong Kong rail giant MTR slashes weekend fares as compensation over huge service disruption but move fails to impress train users” (November 3).

After the worst ever service failure of our railway operator last month, the MTR Corp announced a discount in fares last weekend. However, the special discount failed to impress passengers. From my point of view, I think this special arrangement was not reasonable and could not make up for the losses passengers suffered in terms of time and peace of mind (“Why MTR’s offer of half-price weekend tickets is ludicrous”, November 3).

Firstly, MTR Corp should not have implemented this arrangement at the weekend. As the system failure happened on a weekday, most of those affected were students and workers, and the MTR should have compensated them by having the half-price offer during the week.

Besides, just a one-off discount cannot really win back the trust and goodwill of commuters, as what people are looking for is not to save a few dollars but proof that the MTR is genuinely committed to better service. Most passengers don’t care if they get a half-price ticket, they care more about how fast they can arrive at their destination. Of course, a discount is better than nothing, but what we want is for the MTR to improve its service standards. It should update its old system, whether signalling or rails, enhance transparency, and put passenger safety and well-being first. That is the only way to impress passengers.

Coco Wong, Tsuen Wan