Racist rant from Chinese manager in Africa leaves compatriot deeply ashamed

  • Shameful episodes like this can tarnish the reputation of an entire country and its people
PUBLISHED : Thursday, 15 November, 2018, 3:43am
UPDATED : Thursday, 15 November, 2018, 5:32am

I refer to the article regarding a Chinese boss in Kenya caught on video saying locals were “like a monkey” (“How a racist slur aimed at a few offended many and put Africa’s Chinese community at risk”, November 3).

As a Chinese person, I am ashamed of the Chinese manager who spoke of his Kenyan subordinate and even the country’s president disrespectfully, in a racist rant against the people of Africa. When the video was posted by another Kenyan on social media, it triggered outrage. The boss in question was arrested, before having his work permit cancelled and being deported on grounds of racism. But the damage to the image of Chinese overseas was done.

This man, while speaking disparagingly of locals, said he didn’t belong in Africa or even like it there, he was only there because “money is important”.

But, if he didn’t like Kenyans, he could have simply chosen not to trade with them. When he decided to take his business to Kenya, he should have also resolved to respect its culture and people. Shameful episodes like this can tarnish the reputation of an entire country and its people, as Chinese residents of Kenya and even neighbouring Uganda found out. There should be zero tolerance for racist behaviour or the backlash may intensify, with serious consequences. As retired Ugandan diplomat Isac Okello said: “A single incident can easily spoil the good relationship between China and Africa.”

Chow Sin Ying, Kwai Chung