Hong Kong should legalise same-sex marriage instead of clinging to outdated arguments against it

    PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 05 December, 2018, 3:41am
    UPDATED : Wednesday, 05 December, 2018, 3:49am

    I am writing to respond to the article “Coming out to your parents: why they may take it badly, and what they should do instead”, (December 2).

    I am not against same-sex romantic relationships, even though I am not homosexual myself. In my opinion, love is not confined by gender or concerned with continuing one’s bloodline. Love is about caring about another person, wanting to be together and wanting to dedicate oneself to the loved one.

    Marriage solemnises the love between two people. In fact, if you marry someone you do not love, the meaning of marriage would be lost.

    Using Chinese tradition to oppose same-sex marriage is misguided

    It is not only traditional Chinese parents who disagree with same-sex marriage, but in Catholicism, same-sex marriage is also seen to be violating a God-given order on the division of the sexes. Catholics believe that God’s design is perfect. Men should marry women because the two sexes can combine to give birth to a new generation.

    However, if we believe that love goes beyond perpetuation of the species or continuing one’s bloodline, then why follow these old-fashioned ideas?

    Hong Kong law is based on guaranteeing those who live here certain rights and freedoms. People have the right to choose whom they marry for themselves. So, why are some people being prevented from marrying the one they love just because of gender?

    The government should legalise same-sex marriage. People should not be limited by traditional thinking and should make Hong Kong a more open-minded and free city.

    Jacky Sit, Tseung Kwan O