Hong Kong should follow Taiwan in using AI to ease traffic and enhance public services

    PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 11 December, 2018, 6:31am
    UPDATED : Tuesday, 11 December, 2018, 6:31am

    The appearance of artificial intelligence has set off an immediate backlash among people around the world. I believe that the scientists who work in this area are well intentioned. Nonetheless, this technology is often criticised for the adverse effect it could have on society if the people who are developing it go astray.

    The Hong Kong government has set its sights on greater data transparency, but is not as determined as the Taiwanese government. For example, Taipei residents are encouraged to pay their water bills and use other public services through an online app. The government there has encouraged sharing services such as U-car, U-motor and Youbike, which have helped alleviate traffic congestion. However, in Hong Kong, there is traffic congestion not only in the central business district but North District as well.

    I have little hope that the government will speed up its development of innovation and technology. I would be glad if the authorities could follow in Taiwan’s footsteps and disclose more data, so that the private sector is motivated to develop technology.

    John Hung, Po Lam

    Hong Kong and the mainland should collaborate on AI

    I am writing in response to the article “HKU, Tsinghua team up on artificial intelligence” (November 26).

    The University of Hong Kong has a strong record in applying new technologies, particularly in the fields of medicine, manufacturing and finance. Tsinghua, a top Beijing university, excels in research and development. Now, they are going to team up to develop artificial intelligence, especially in the areas of medicine, financial technology and environmental protection.

    According to HKU’s vice-president and pro-vice-chancellor, the cooperation with Tsinghua University could draw on the entire ecosystem between the two places, including in policy, education and finance. This would help Hong Kong and Beijing become global leaders in technology.

    Develop and control: Xi urges China to use AI in race for tech future

    Artificial intelligence has become the focus of much attention in technology circles, because it can reduce the chance of error and can be used for exploring areas such as the ocean floor, which humans find hard to reach. It has also had a huge impact on fields such as intelligent robots and gaming.

    The demand for artificial intelligence will only increase since it is an advanced technology that all industries can use. Hong Kong should do more to develop AI, not only by trying to attract more overseas talent to do research at the Science Park, but also by focusing on educating more Hongkongers in this area.

    Isaac Yue, Tseung Kwan O