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New KMB 94 bus timetable for Sai Kung is not only worse, it’s often ignored

    PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 15 January, 2019, 6:31pm
    UPDATED : Tuesday, 15 January, 2019, 6:31pm

    Who at KMB is responsible for the revised timetable for Route 94 (Sai Kung to Wong Shek Pier), effective since November 5? Would they please explain the logic behind their decision?

    Before the new timetable came into effect, I frequently found the buses on weekdays crowded, sometimes overcrowded, despite avoiding peak periods. There were times when the bus was so full that no one could get on.

    Not surprisingly, the alternatives, two minibus services, were also usually full on these occasions. So it comes as no surprise that after the frequency of the Route 94 buses was reduced from every 30 minutes to every 40 minutes, the situation has worsened. Does anyone in the KMB management team ever travel on buses?

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    At least, I thought, the timetable for the weekend is better, with buses scheduled for every 20 minutes (from 9.55am to 7.15pm). I was wrong. On Saturday, I tried to catch the 3.55pm bus from Sai Kung. It was there at the terminal, with a queue of people waiting patiently, but no driver was in sight. At 4pm, I asked at the KMB kiosk why the bus was still there and was told, “We don’t stick to the timetable at weekends!”

    Why bother to publish a new timetable if there is no intention of sticking to it?

    Peter Robertson, Sai Kung