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US President Joe Biden signs his first executive orders in the Oval Office of the White House on January 20. Photo: AP

Letters | Why the US has a future, Hong Kong only the past

  • Recent events show the US democracy, despite being challenged, is still healthy and Americans can be hopeful about the future, while Hong Kong is lurching towards authoritarianism and steadily losing what made it special

The events of the last few days have thrown into stark contrast the differences between the United States and Hong Kong.

In the US, one president is ejected and another elected by the will of the people. In Hong Kong, the debate rages about whether our leader should be chosen by a small-circle committee of 1,200 or by “consultations” between people who are unknown and whom we certainly cannot choose.
In the US, the new administration knows it must act quickly to restore unity or it will be booted out in four years. In Hong Kong, a widely disrespected and disliked chief executive is untouchable and stays in office no matter how many catastrophes she is responsible for.
In the US, newly elected lawmakers make laws. In Hong Kong, laws are imposed on us by other people we will never have the chance to choose or remove.
In the US, immigrants clamour to get in. In Hong Kong, talented people clamour to get out. In the US, talent is prized, debate and diversity are cherished and the government is held to account. In Hong Kong, cronyism is cherished, debate is stymied, those with opposing views are prosecuted and the government hides itself from being held accountable to the people whose taxes pay their salaries.


Joe Biden becomes 46th US president in scaled-down, socially-distanced inauguration

Joe Biden becomes 46th US president in scaled-down, socially-distanced inauguration

In the US, the government is answerable to the people. In Hong Kong, the people are answerable to the government.

The US has a future, Hong Kong only has a past. As one famous former president would put it: “Sad”.

Lee Faulkner, Lamma