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Outside In | WTO battle over vaccine patents must not hold back vaccination drive

Patents are not a critical barrier in the complex challenge of vaccine manufacture and roll-out. But arguing about patent waivers is distracting.

6 hours ago
Opinion | Post-pandemic Australia must relearn how to govern

Successive economic and governance reforms have drastically weakened the Australian state’s capacity to directly address serious problems, even in an emergency.

7 May 2021 - 11:36AM
The View | Pent-up demand, easy money a dangerous mix in post-coronavirus world

The Fed’s persistent claims that inflation is too low to increase interest rates have lulled markets into believing the easy money will last. But beware: when the Fed is forced to increase rates to curb inflation, markets will tumble on fear of bankruptcies.

7 May 2021 - 4:28AM
Opinion | Why it’s in rich countries’ own interests to stop hoarding vaccines

Wealthy nations and big pharma must realise that their inaction on vaccine equity will cost lives, but action will cost them almost nothing. If they continue to hoard vaccines, they are undermining the fundamental principles of their rules-based world view.

6 May 2021 - 3:02AM
Editorial | Everyone has part to play in fighting Covid-19

With herd immunity offering the best way back to normality, all people in Hong Kong – foreign domestic helpers included – have a civic duty to get vaccinated.

5 May 2021 - 12:53AM
The View | India’s Covid-19 onslaught won’t diminish appeal of its commercial property

The pandemic will take its toll, but has hit at a time when the property sector has become more mature and resilient following needed reforms. The potential for growth in Asia’s third-largest economy remains huge.

3 May 2021 - 10:54PM
Opinion | Can segregation at Hong Kong bars, restaurants raise the vaccination rate?

The government has simply offloaded the responsibility to boost vaccine uptake onto struggling bars and restaurants. The complex arrangement also disregards those who have recovered from Covid-19, or have genuine reasons not to take the vaccine.

3 May 2021 - 9:15AM
Opinion | Coronavirus vaccine: let’s finish the job of controlling the pandemic

It is important to recognise that all the good work Hong Kong has done up to now in social distancing, working from home and so on is not the end of the story. For our economy to recover, we have to reach herd immunity.

2 May 2021 - 6:00PM
Opinion | Hong Kong coronavirus fight must not overlook airborne transmission

There are worries about Covid-19 being transferred through the air as entertainment venues reopen and workers return to their offices. Hong Kong should implement air circulation regulations for buildings and ease up on other measures to allow more outdoor activities.

2 May 2021 - 8:57AM
Opinion | Born in a pandemic: a lesson in love, patience and perseverance

Having gone through the trauma of an earlier unsuccessful pregnancy, the bittersweet journey to motherhood is a reminder that, even today, the conversation about losing a child remains taboo. It is by sharing our personal experiences, the losses and the triumphs, that we heal and grow.

1 May 2021 - 9:15AM
Outside In | Malaria’s big lesson for Covid-19: get ready for a long battle

The history of humankind playing catch-up with this evolving disease, still without an effective vaccine, holds a lesson for us.

1 May 2021 - 6:49AM
Opinion | Modi’s vaccine diplomacy leaves India at mercy of others’ political agendas

As Indians gasp for air, Modi’s vaccine efforts appear to have done little more than fail Indians and the country’s global standing. Far from being ‘self-reliant’ or the ‘pharmacy to the world’, India’s international image is now one of desperation.

30 Apr 2021 - 6:15PM
Macroscope | Why China can’t afford to ignore the global recovery laggards

China’s economy and exports are booming but the continuing inability of poorer major economies like India and Brazil to get Covid-19 under control will further dampen business confidence that is already lagging behind growth.

26 Apr 2021 - 5:20PM
My Take | Why we must stop naming diseases and their variants after countries

Global public health bodies such as the WHO have forcefully argued against such practices when it comes to new viruses; unfortunately they have been less explicit about geographical associations with their variants.

22 Apr 2021 - 8:50PM
Opinion | Why job creation won’t solve Hong Kong’s unemployment problem

The underlying issue in youth employment is the mismatch between what the economy needs and what the education system is producing. The government must go beyond its Band-Aid solution of creating temporary jobs to address this mismatch.

22 Apr 2021 - 6:45AM
As I see it | National pride has no place in vaccine development during a pandemic

The stakes have been raised since scientists first aimed for a safe Covid-19 vaccine that was 50 per cent effective.

20 Apr 2021 - 7:32PM
Opinion | Why mRNA Covid-19 vaccines are our best long-term strategy to fight the virus

Our immunity to the virus wanes over time. The advantage of mRNA vaccines like Pfizer’s is they’re much easier to update than the ‘viral vector’ shots like AstraZeneca’s, which is still an effective vaccine that will provide protection against severe Covid-19.

20 Apr 2021 - 5:00PM