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Political rivals may have reached a deal, but it has exposed US political dysfunction, increased fears about economic hegemony and come at the expense of the welfare of ordinary citizens.

  • Considered Modi’s main challenger in next year’s national elections, the 52-year-old Congress party scion has been on a three-city tour of the US
  • He called for Indians in the US to stand up for ‘modern India’, and asked ‘how do we compete with the challenge the Chinese have placed on the table?’

Three fast-attack Revolutionary Guard vessels with armed troops aboard approached the merchant ship at a close distance, prompting a US destroyer and Royal Navy frigate to respond, the US Navy said.


This time the 76-year-old tycoon is the runaway front runner but the conventional wisdom remains the same: the larger the chasing pack, the more likely he is to win.

The Grammy-nominated trance DJ faces allegations he exposed himself and masturbated near his young personal assistant, according to a lawsuit. Oakenfold has not publicly commented on the lawsuit.

Singapore’s Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen called for the two powers to keep communication channels open. Southeast Asian leaders have firmly maintained they would not take sides amid the worsening US-China strategic rivalry.


Among those taken away were Chan Po-ying, leader of League of Social Democrats, and Leo Tang Kin-wah, ex-vice-chairman of disbanded Confederation of Trade Unions.


A district in Salt Lake City removed the Bible from its elementary and middle schools while keeping it in high schools after a committee reviewed the scripture in response to a parental complaint.

The star of That ‘70s Show was found guilty earlier this week on two counts of rape. Masterson was arrested in 2020 over the alleged assaults that occurred between 2001 and 2003 at his Hollywood Hills home.

Sustaining both nations’ support for Ukraine in its war against Russia will feature heavily when the leaders meet at the White House on Thursday, according to Sunak’s spokesman.


The White House announced the signing on Saturday, done in private at the White House with just two days to spare, in a statement in which the US president thanked congressional leaders for their partnership.


Traditionally underappreciated, Filipino cuisine is having a moment in the US with four chefs nominated for prestigious James Beard Awards in 2023. Two of them open up about telling their story through food.

Speaking at the Singapore security summit, the Pentagon chief said Washington is working together with its regional allies ‘more closely every day’.


Frederiksen, a staunch Ukraine supporter, is seen as a serious contender to replace Jens Stoltenberg, who is expected to step down in September.


The CIA director met Chinese intelligence officials in Beijing, as part of the Biden administration’s attempts to improve ties between the two superpowers, according to Financial Times and Bloomberg.

Jessica Alexander was only in The Little Mermaid for 6 minutes, playing the human version of Melissa McCarthy’s character Ursula, but she’s wowed viewers with her performance – so who is she?

From an ancient Middle Eastern limestone elephant to seventh century Chinese sculptures, New York prosecutors have seized hundreds of priceless artefacts looted from around the globe.

The US Senate voted to pass a controversial bill suspending the country’s US$31.4 trillion debt ceiling, all but ending a political stand-off that threatened to cause a first-ever US default.

At least two Republican lawmakers have threatened to tie up the Senate floor if their demands aren’t met, which could delay the vote past June 5.

The ex-president appeared in Iowa and invited the audience to ask him questions – something his chief Republican rival has seemed reluctant to do.

President Joe Biden took a face-first tumble after tripping over an obstacle on stage at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado, but he appeared unhurt – and joked about it later.

This year’s events take place in a contentious political climate in which legislators have sought to ban drag shows, prohibit gender-affirming care and limit how teachers can talk about sexuality and gender in the classroom.


Spy agency said telephones belonging to foreign diplomats based in Russia, including from China, Israel, Syria and Nato members, had been targeted.

Known for his futuristic, out-of-this-world sculptural outfits, Hong Kong designer Kay Kwok is quickly gaining clout – and he has Beyoncé in his good books now, too