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African country where biggest weapon against virus is a song

Joyce Samoutou-Wong, a Hong Kong doctor working in the Republic of the Congo, talks about the challenges of fighting Covid-19 in the poor central African country, and the song she helped write to spread word of the precautions to take.

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Hong Kong probes first case of possible Covid-19 spread in hospital

Patient, 93, who spent nearly a month from March 10 in Pok Oi Hospital, confirmed as infected.

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Home quarantine across borders: life in Shenzhen and Hong Kong

Sense of community is strong on mainland side, with general understanding that people are ‘all in this together’.

4 Apr 2020 - 2:12PM
Quieter Ching Ming Festival with social-distancing laws in place

Visitor numbers for cemetery in Diamond Hill fall by a third, as businesses selling paper offerings also record slower earnings.

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Coronavirus: what’s behind Singapore’s U-turn on wearing masks?

The island state is no longer discouraging residents from wearing them in public, and will distribute reusable face masks from Sunday.

4 Apr 2020 - 5:40AM
Police to let detainees wear full surgical masks to fend off Covid-19

Force’s previous policy of removing metal strips from the commonly worn coverings criticised by lawyers and doctors as leaving arrested people at risk of infection

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Applause rings out in Hong Kong for health workers on Covid-19 front line

Public salutes the profession by clapping while businesses beam messages of support from city skyline.

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Social distancing remains the best coronavirus strategy: Covid Frontline

With vaccines, treatments at least a year away, pathology expert John Nicholls and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison say avoiding contact is our best hope.

4 Apr 2020 - 12:08PM
Hong Kong bars and pubs shut as coronavirus tally rises by 43

With latest round of closures, government hopes to stop cluster of infections tied to nightlife districts. But owners complain the new rule, which allows some venues to stay open if they serve food, is unclear.

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Coronavirus pandemic to last months not weeks, top Hong Kong expert says

A University of Hong Kong professor says summer might bring a lull but not because of the warmer weather, disputing claim from Chinese expert Zhong Nanshan that heavy-handed prevention measures could see crisis brought under control by end of April.

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Hong Kong could disinfect masks for reuse amid Covid-19 spread

Top communicable disease expert reveals how the city is trying to handle shortage of protective gear. N95 respirators worn by hospital workers could be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide vapour.

4 Apr 2020 - 12:03AM
Desperate Italian city summons at-risk citizens for drive-through virus tests

The northwestern city of Alessandria finds itself near the heart of an Italian outbreak that has officially infected over 110,000 and killed more than 13,000.

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Medical experts join Post, other outlets in online Covid-19 discussion

WHO adviser and early researcher into the coronavirus among those who joined the virtual roundtable.

3 Apr 2020 - 3:27PM
Covid-19 could be under control by end of April, Chinese expert says

But it remains to be seen if the coronavirus that causes it will return next spring, says Zhong Nanshan, who heads a team that advises the government on the pandemic.

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Chinese property titans Vanke, Wanda to fund coronavirus initiatives

China Vanke will give shares worth 5.3 billion yuan to Tsinghua University to fund a public health research institute, while Dalian Wanda teams up with WeBank to help finance small businesses hit hard by the pandemic

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1,200 pubs and bars to close as Hong Kong government orders two-week shutdown

Any premises ‘exclusively or mainly used’ for sale or supply of alcohol must shut from 6pm on Friday to curb Covid-19’s spread.

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Demand for health gadgets surges in coronavirus lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered a seismic wave of health awareness and anxiety, which has accelerated the adoption of apps and wearable technology as a means to feel better protected.

2 Apr 2020 - 4:57PM