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Real personalities, make-up free faces of K-pop stars Got7 revealed in reality TV show

  • Got7 Real Thai: Along with the Gods follows the band as they head to Thailand to seek out seven Thai deities
  • “I am concerned that we opened up our personal sides too much,” says band’s Thai member Bambam
PUBLISHED : Saturday, 12 January, 2019, 9:30pm
UPDATED : Saturday, 12 January, 2019, 9:30pm

Fans who are curious about the hidden but more genuine sides of K-pop stars must check out the upcoming reality show Got7’s Real Thai: Along with the Gods, which chronicles the boy band’s adventures during a trip to Thailand.

“The show is full of shockingly realistic scenes and allowed us to unveil our authentic features and personalities,” said main Got7 vocalist Youngjae.

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Bambam, a Thai member of the band who worked as a “guide” for the show, even said: “I am concerned that we opened up our personal sides too much.”

The singers and the producer, Lee Won-hyung, hinted that the members showed how they looked without make-up and held a competition involving a “physiological phenomenon”.

Lee said the crew did not give Bambam, Youngjae, Mark and Jinyoung – the four members of the seven-strong band that made the trip – many instructions, but instead let them listen to their hearts about how much to reveal.

“Got7’s fans should love this programme – and even non-fans will find it entertaining for its realism,” Lee said.

The four members headed to Thailand to seek out seven Thai deities who would offer good fortune in 2019. They were tasked with carrying out seven missions to help them find each god.

Bambam explained that the four members teamed up to provide a “different picture”.

“If all seven members came, it would have been difficult to make the programme different from our previous reality shows,” he said. “But this combination of members helped create a new freshness.”

But there is one unexpected cast member on the programme: comedian Hwang Jae-sung, who dressed up like the gods and brought his sense of humour to the show.

Lee and the other members also revealed their hopes for the next season of the programme.

“Next time, I want to visit a country where none of us speak the local language,” Youngjae said. “I think it would be even funnier and we might be able to show off our chemistry more.”

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