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10 Hong Kong stories that will warm your heart this Christmas

The feel-good factor may have been in short supply this year at times, but from William Chan’s vow to keep smiling despite his cancer battle to albino model Connie Chiu gracing the world’s catwalks, inspiration was never far away

PUBLISHED : Monday, 18 December, 2017, 7:20pm
UPDATED : Monday, 18 December, 2017, 7:19pm

The year 2017 has been a volatile one that saw violence rage on in the Middle East, famine in Yemen, two terrible truck bombings in Somalia, and numerous natural disasters including hurricanes, a landslide in Colombia and wildfires in California.

But closer to home there were stories that lifted our spirits. Here are some that made us feel good, and maybe even inspired us to be better people.

How a Hong Kong cancer sufferer keeps going – and helps others

One of the most inspirational stories of the year came from Hongkonger William Chan. Diagnosed with a rare and lethal form of skin cancer at birth, Chan defied the odds with wit and a positive attitude, and, through his NGO Say Yeah, helps fellow Hongkongers.

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How a friend’s shaved head helped Hong Kong cancer sufferer

Facing expensive immunotherapy for a rare disorder which had spread to her brain, Mandy Yau’s crowdfunding campaign has taken off after thousands of views of her friend having her long hair shaved off live on Facebook.

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Hongkonger, 70, is ready for his 16th Trailwalker 100km race

Age is no barrier for Hongkonger Raymond Lo. The 70-year-old took part in his 16th Trailwalker 100km race, and he even volunteers to clean up the trail afterwards. He also shares his experience and techniques with younger athletes to help them run safely, so he can avoid becoming “a lonely old man”.

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Michelin-starred Hong Kong chef’s gift that keeps on giving

Michelin-starred Hong Kong chef Vicky Cheng gave his daughter a gift that keeps on giving when he and his wife did something different for their child’s first birthday: they raised money for Hong Kong’s undernourished children.

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NGOs step in to give Hong Kong special needs children job training

With no clear educational guidelines for special-needs children in Hong Kong, NGOs LoveXpress and the Rock Foundation fill the gap by designing courses to put them on a suitable career path.

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Meet the meat-free Hong Kong parents on a vegan mission

Members of the Veg Parents Hong Kong group are used to scepticism about raising children on a flesh-free diet. But they consult experts regularly to ensure their ethical and health reasons are not compromising nutrition needs as their child grows, and strive to change people’s perceptions.

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Ex-domestic helper Xyza Bacani on her human trafficking photo show

Ex-domestic helper Xyza Bacani photo show depicts the human cost of modern-day slavery but with a focus on the hope amid the horror. “Victims do not have to look sad,” she says.

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Singapore star Leon Markcus opens up about anorexia

Singapore star Leon Markcus opened up about his battle with anorexia – and prejudice – using his music to debunk stereotypes about the eating disorder and to offer support for other sufferers.

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Stylist Grace Lam gives Hong Kong’s less fortunate makeovers

Grace Lam, a fashion director and former editor at Vogue China, shows her heart by giving Hong Kong’s less fortunate makeovers and a confidence boost in online video series.

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World’s first albino model Connie Chiu on growing up in Kowloon

Connie Chiu grew up in a Kowloon housing estate and went on to model for Jean Paul Gaultier and other designers around the world, breaking down perceptions about albinism along the way.

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