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Good stuff: Fancl Daily Care Series

The easy-to-follow system hydrates and protects all skin types.

PUBLISHED : Friday, 25 April, 2014, 2:47pm
UPDATED : Friday, 25 April, 2014, 6:09pm

Skincare experts often talk about the importance of a daily routine, a prescribed number of products and steps to balance and nourish the skin. And few have perfected such routines like the Japanese. Fancl takes the idea one step further with its Daily Care Series – a set of three preservative-free skincare products conveniently designed to last two to four weeks.

The Daily Care Series is available in two levels, I for normal/oil skin types and II for normal/dry skin types (there is also an Aging Care Line with added collagen). Each includes a Moisturizing Lotion (HK$168), Moisturizing Emulsion (HK$168) and Moisturizing Cream (HK$265). All are suitable for sensitive skin, thanks to the hermetically sealed containers and the lack of preservatives and other common irritants.

Given my dry-combination skin, I tried the II series. After cleansing, I first applied the Moisturizing Lotion by rubbing the clear liquid between my palms and then pressing it into my face. The watery lotion was absorbed immediately, and reminded me of SK-II’s legendary Facial Treatment Essence – without the pungent odour.

Next I took a small amount of emulsion and massaged it gently into my entire face. The milky liquid is a nice cross between a toner and a moisturiser, and provides enough moisture for humid days – without any greasy residue. The final step, moisturising cream, comes in a small tube that allows you to dispense as much or as little as necessary. It works very well as an all-over moisturiser but I particularly like being able to apply just a drop to dry spots. 

True to Fancl’s promises, the products didn’t cause any irritation and lasted just a few weeks with daily use. By the end, I was converted to the idea of a simple and easy-to-follow routine. I also had a new appreciation for smaller packaging and using products only at their freshest. Now I’m left to wonder what’s lurking in those other creams and lotions sitting on my bathroom shelf.

Fancl Daily Care Series is available at Fancl stores and major beauty outlets, 8223 2625, Click here for store listings in English. 

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