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Good stuff: AHAVA Active Deadsea Minerals

The iconic mineral-based brand takes its skincare to a new level

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 18 March, 2015, 11:40am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 18 March, 2015, 11:59am

Think of the Dead Sea and you might conjure up images of tourists frolicking in swimsuits while covered in thick, black mud (said to relieve arthritis pain, banish acne-causing bacteria, and treat psoriasis and other skin conditions). Or – like me – you might think of AHAVA, which has bringing the power of Dead Sea minerals to our bathroom shelves since 1988.

The brand, which began exporting internationally in 1992, has become synonymous with mineral- and mud-based skincare. And after a rebranding campaign in 2011, it has taken its technology to a new level with a number of products designed to tackle everything from dullness and dryness to wrinkles and sensitivity.

Eager to test the new-and-improved AHAVA, I recently tried a few of the brand’s latest hero products, including the Comforting Cream moisturizer, Hydration Cream Mask and “groundbreaking” Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate. All are powered by AHAVA’s Osmoter, a special blend of minerals said to replenish, rehydrate and recharge the skin.

Since I was experiencing a bout of irritated skin, the first one I reached for was the Comforting Cream. The moisturiser, which comes in pump form, features antioxidant-rich tomato extract. It’s a fairly light cream that absorbs quickly into the skin and true to its claim, didn’t cause any irritation or redness. But it isn’t as hydrating as my usual cream so on some days I had to layer another moisturiser on top.

The Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate, meanwhile, has a soothing scent (that for some reason reminded me not of the sea but of fresh laundry) and silky texture that sinks into the skin. It can even double as a make-up primer thanks to the powdery finish.

But my favourite of the three was the Hydrating Cream Mask, which is quite thick with a stronger, slightly sweet scent. I applied a thick layer and left it on for five minutes, during which time I could feel a cooling and tightening effect. After rinsing well, I was surprised to see my skin looked more even – considering I usually look blotchy for a few hours after most masks. It was also well-hydrated and not at all greasy.

So if you thought the Dead Sea was only good for mud masks and mineral baths, it’s time to reconsider this natural skincare source. 

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