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Beauty without needles. Hifu treatment penetrates every layer of the skin using focused ultrasound.

Beauty is more than skin deep: how focused ultrasound treatment Hifu penetrates skin without a needle in sight

  • High-intensity focused ultrasound treatment is supposed to boost collagen, smooth wrinkles and contour the face
  • This non-invasive treatment promises to penetrate the skin, leaving it tighter and smoother

What is it? Hifu, or high-intensity focused ultrasound, is a big hit in the beauty industry because it’s a non-invasive procedure, which is good news for those with an aversion to needles.

How does it work? Hifu technology harnesses ultrasound waves which penetrate deep into the skin, targeting three key layers: the epidermis (1.5mm), dermis (3mm), and facial muscles normally worked on by cosmetic surgery, known as the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (4.5mm).
Pauline, a therapist at Nude Waxing Beautique in Hong Kong’s Central district, explains that each depth is crucial: at 1.5mm, Hifu will smooth wrinkles and contour skin; at 3mm, it will boost collagen, improve skin texture and minimise surface imperfections; and at 4.5mm, it lifts skin and creates a V-shape effect.

For our session at Nude, Pauline used a machine from South Korea, which she explains is significantly less painful than other Hifu machines on the market. In the US some women avoid Hifu because it’s too painful, she says.

Pauline first spreads a cool gel across my face and neck and, using a hand-held applicator, massaged the instrument’s head into my skin using upward movements.

I was warned that it might hurt a little – like someone hitting you softly in the face – which made me a tad nervous, but maybe Pauline was just giving a worst-case scenario, because the procedure was pain-free; there was just a prickly sensation – a little like electric currents in some sensitive areas – but nothing unbearable.

The treatment room at Nude.
The treatment took just over 20 minutes, so no recovery time is needed, which is why many opt for Hifu over surgical procedures.

It’s easy to get caught up in the miracle claims made by the beauty industry for Hifu, but even a single session is enough to lift the skin. Pauline kept talking about the V-shape, and for good reason. The results were more defined chin, cheekbones and lower jaw.

Anything else? Nude recommends a series of four consecutive treatments, at monthly intervals.

Nude Waxing Beautique Central LKF, 14-01 Wellington Place, 2-8 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, tel: 2868 9100