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Restaurant review: 616 Beef Hotpot in Tai Po – a bargain any way they slice it

With friendly staff, 14 different cuts to choose from, each for a mere HK$48, and a guaranteed delivery time for dishes, this is a beef lover’s delight

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 21 September, 2016, 12:15pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 21 September, 2016, 4:03pm

A new Tai Po restaurant specialising in beef hotpot is attracting scores of customers for the quality of the meat (delivered fresh daily) and the reasonable prices.

There are 14 choices of cut on offer, each costing only HK$48. Once you order, the waiter puts an hourglass on the table to guarantee the food is delivered within 20 minutes.

A drawing on the wall and the menus shows the various parts of the steer and their percentage of the whole animal.

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We liked the front calf muscle, which only makes up two per cent of the whole animal and is flavourful, with a firm texture. The top of the neck, which only makes up one per cent of the steer, is delicious,and is called snowflake for the way the fat is marbled through the meat. We also liked the meat above the spine (five per cent of the animal), which is tender and soft. The front chest meat, which is white, is too fatty, tough and chewy after even a short dip in the beefy broth, which is made from the bones.

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The smiling staff are friendly, patiently explaining each cut and its flavour profile, and make recommendations.

Diners should arrive early, as there are long queues and some popular cuts sell out quickly.

616 Beef Hotpot, Greenery Plaza, 3 Chui Yi Street, Tai Po, tel: 3565 6878. Open: 6pm-2am

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