Elaine Yau
Elaine Yau
Senior reporter, Culture
Elaine Yau covers food, fashion, travel, health and fitness, music, film and TV, arts, lifestyle, as well as insider tips on the best of Beijing. She studied translation in Hong Kong and taught secondary English before joining the Post.

US$16,000 is good value for what she gets out of it, says banker Wang Lin of being a patron of Beijing’s Today Art Museum, which includes privileges such as gala dinners and private tours.

From the Shaolin Temple to Beijing wushu schools, US filmmaker Laurence Brahm has studied martial arts for decades and roamed through China searching for the origins of kung fu.


A nature lover in search of a new business idea after a failed start-up, Zhang Heng hit on the idea of selling outdoor and extreme sports equipment to China’s emerging middle class – a risky bet in 1997 that paid off.

Lamb hotpot, pork dumplings, stewed pears and what translates as ‘sheep scorpion’ are all traditional winter dishes in northern China, where temperatures plummet far below zero.


Actors from Hong Kong who were household names in the 1990s and 200s are hot property again, this time in China, where they compete in song-and-dance reality-TV shows.


Known for playing adorable young women in TV romance dramas, Yang Zi talks about taking on more challenging roles, turning 30 and the importance of friendship.

German-Korean pianist Gina Alice Redlinger’s debut album, Wonderworld, includes everything from jazz to Chinese. She says her move to China has enriched her understanding of the country’s music.

Chinese internet users have complained that, of the six nominees for best picture at the Golden Rooster Awards, five are patriotic films, and that this damages the ceremony’s credibility.

Jocelyn Chan Ming-hei says her track Sound of Silence is ‘the first song in the history of Canto-pop to have music therapy elements’ in it, designed to relieve stress in listeners and help them sleep better.


Model and first-time actress Louise Wong reveals to the Post her three favourite movies and favourite stars, and says the success of the film about Canto-pop star Anita Mui’s life hasn’t changed her life much yet.

Ma Boyong, who wrote The Longest Day in Chang’an and The Deception of Antiques, talks about being compared to Jin Yong, mind workouts and his Covid-19-inspired new book.

Once called the martial arts goddess of Hong Kong’s Shaw Brothers film studio, Kara Hui has enjoyed a long and rewarding acting career. She opens up about her role as a concubine and mother in series Marvelous Women.

A documentary about Paris Hilton shaped the way emerging New Zealand-Chinese actress Augusta Xu-Holland approached her role as a model in hit Chinese series Star of Ocean.

Intermittent fasting can help you lose weight and achieve your fitness goals – one wellness consultant in China lost 9kg – but it can also cause health problems.

Chinese reviewers panned Hui’s adaptation of an Elieen Chang short story for its plot and the casting of Sandra Ma, and the director says: ‘I should understand them more.’


Taiwanese artist Liu Kuo-sung says that while he is satisfied with what he has achieved, he still wants to help young, talented but unknown artists gain recognition.

Ahead of the cinematic release in Hong Kong of biopic Anita, we rank singer Anita Mui’s 10 best movies, from her debut in Rouge to her screen swansong in July Rhapsody.


Young people in China have discovered they can make a living reproducing items from traditional Chinese culture, from clothing to accessories, and videoing their handiwork for a global social media audience.


Anita Mui, who died of cervical cancer in 2003, was Hong Kong’s biggest female Canto-pop star. Ahead of the release of the biopic Anita, we rank her 10 best songs.


Featuring interviews with stars including Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung, new film Kung Fu Stuntmen is a tribute to the brave, unsung heroes of Hong Kong action movies.


Hong Kong filmmakers’ involvement in making Chinese box office sensation The Battle at Lake Changjin shows the opportunities that are there to produce movies with patriotic themes.

WeWork China is trying new ways to grow its co-working business, collaborating with Douban, an online platform for book, film and music lovers in China, on a social and events space in Beijing, for example.

The Oscar-winning art director for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon tells Elaine Yau about working with Michelle Yeoh and how she broke her leg on set, and why he’s focused on his art for now.

Gong Li was the muse of director Zhang Yimou, starring in a string of movies that earned international acclaim, including Red Sorghum, Ju Dou and Raise the Red Lantern.

Despite its abundant greenery, craggy mountains and historical sites, Yanqing, 40 minutes from central Beijing by high-speed train, has flown under the radar of domestic Chinese tourists – until now.

Shunning reality TV and big-name soaps, regional broadcaster Henan TV is relying on Chinese culture and tradition and its shows, including Mid-Autumn Wonderful Tour, are going viral.

Actress Charlie Yeung gave birth at the age of 42, and her twin boys are the reason she feels younger than ever. ‘Our interaction with them makes us young,’ says the now 47-year-old.

A big tourist draw for its beaches and surf, Hainan Island in southern China has a lot to tempt foodies, from Wenchang chicken and coconut chicken hotpot to Dongshan lamb and Jiaji duck.

Zhao Wei, Kris Wu, Zhang Zhehan and many more have felt the crack of the Chinese government’s whip as new rules have the country’s entertainment industry on edge.