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Five places to eat for under HK$100 in Causeway Bay or Central while you wait for January’s pay cheque after that holiday blowout

You probably feel the need to economise for the next few weeks, so here are some inexpensive dining options to tide you over, from ramen to pizza, Taiwanese street food and vegetarian fare

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 03 January, 2017, 12:45pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 04 January, 2017, 7:55am

After that holiday season blowout on gifts, great food and good times, you probably need to live economically until that January pay cheque lands. So here are some ideas for inexpensive meals out in Causeway Bay and Central – places we have tried, and liked, in the past few months, and where you can eat for under HK$100 a head. Click on restaurant names to read our reviews in full.

Mother of Pizzas, Causeway Bay

This newcomer in Leighton Road mainly serves pizza, as you can guess from the name. The cheesy pies come in two sizes – 13 inches or 18 inches across – and five of the eight pizzas on the menu are sold by the slice. There are also some pasta dishes to choose from, including mixed mushrooms in bechamel sauce (HK$69).

Ton Kun Ramen, Causeway Bay

The food’s a little pricier at this restaurant specialising in seafood ramen. The traditional tonkatsu ramen (HK$98) is your value option here, but you may be tempted by the Japanese white clam ramen (HK$158), which had a plentiful portion of fresh, fleshy, large clams.

Tainan Mr Bean, Causeway Bay

Tainan Mr Bean recently opened on Lan Fong Road, serving the kind of Taiwanese street fare that is hawked in night markets in Tainan, Taiwan. Many of the ingredients used are imported from the island. The shrimp and pork ball noodle soup (HK$42) had a generous amount of ingredients in a rich broth. For those who think street fare is unhealthy, there are many vegetable dishes on offer. We liked the sweet potato leaves (HK$45) cooked with garlic.

Min Saam Gun, Central

If you’re big on beef you’ll love Min Saam Gun, which applies the Japanese ramen concept to humble beef noodles. Diners choose how long they want their beef cooked and in which broth it is served.

The fresh hand-cut beef noodle (HK$78) contains leaner meat. We also liked the simmered pork knuckle dried noodle (HK$98).

Home Eat To Live, Central

Vegetarian restaurants tend to have limited menus, but here the choices, named after endangered animals, are so dazzlingly varied that it took some time for us to figure them out. Most of the ingredients are sourced locally to reduce carbon footprint. We liked the Polar Bear burger (HK$98), with a patty made of beetroot, mushrooms and oats. Flatbreads come with a choice of fillings and sauces; four toppings is HK$50.

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