Seven smart luggage items for the connected traveller, from GPS trackers to built-in chargers

Connected baggage is the future, and while truly smart luggage is a few years off there are already some tech-savvy choices for travellers looking for something special

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 20 September, 2016, 8:01pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 20 September, 2016, 8:01pm

Bluesmart One

Calling itself a “personal travel assistant”, this bag (HK$3,482) adds a unique, app-based lock function. If the bag leaves your side, it locks automatically. Also includes GPS tracking, a built-in battery and digital scales. Available at

Trunkster Carry-on

With a built-in scale in its handle, an integrated 10,400mAh battery for recharging a phone, and a roll-top opening instead of zips, there’s not much this smart suitcase (HK$2,288) can’t do. As an optional extra, you can add a GPS tracker so you always know where it is. Available at

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Fugu Travel

How about some expandable luggage? Available in grey, green, blue and red, this 33-litre suitcase (HK$2,320) can be used as a compact carry-on on the way to your destination, then expanded to 115 litres and checked in for your return trip. Find it at

MOS Pack

Great for digital nomads that spend a lot of time working in coffee shops and airports, this backpack (HK$775) has a power strip in its hull that can recharge three gadgets simultaneously via one AC and two USB slots. Find it at

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STM Velocity Haven

You don’t get a battery or any cables here, but this economic, small backpack (HK$775) gets full marks for its neat SlingTech feature. A side pocket designed to discreetly house a battery or a laptop charger can have a cable fed through to two separate compartments for electronic devices. Buy it from

Samsonite GeoTrakR expandable spinner

Worldwide bag-tracking tech is all the rage, so it’s no surprise that mass-market brand Samsonite has included GeoTrakR on this otherwise standard 29-inch four-wheel spinner carry-on case (HK$2,715). The bag’s location is viewable via a free app, with the Bluetooth tag turning itself off during a flight to preserve its 15-day battery. Available at

TrackR bravo

This intelligent tracker (HK$232) can be attached to any luggage to give it worldwide tracking. It communicates with TrackR’s Crowd GPS network, with a smartphone app showing your the bag’s exact location. Available at