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Jamie Carter
Jamie has been writing about travel, technology and astronomy for for almost a decade. He's visited over 60 countries, picking up travel hacks and tech tips along the way. However, he's usually in search of wilderness and dark skies to indulge his joint interests of photography and stargazing. Astronomy and travel clash in his latest venture,

The ‘Great North American Eclipse’ – a total solar eclipse – will take place on April 8, 2024, preceded by a ‘ring of fire’ around the moon on October 14, 2023. Here are the best places to see them.

Fifa’s claim of net-zero CO2 emissions for the Qatar World Cup has been called into question. Is there a way to make future tournaments more sustainable?

Just after sunset on Tuesday, a rare kind of ‘blood moon’ will hang in the northwestern sky over Hong Kong in a rare kind of total lunar eclipse that will also block the planet Uranus.


Stargazers are in for a treat this weekend as they turn to the night sky to see a Blue Moon. Here’s everything you need to know about the spectacular sight.

In remote places across the region you can see the night sky in style, from Anantara Kihavah’s overwater dome observatory in the Maldives to a Four Seasons tented camp in northern Thailand.

Singapore and Tokyo score highly among Asian cities, but Bali does not in rankings based on cost, infrastructure, laws, freedoms and liveability.

In a league table ranking cities based on 16 factors, Hong Kong scores badly for social security and financial stress, but very well for its Covid-19 response.

With the moon at its closest point to Earth, and a full moon, Hong Kong will witness a total lunar eclipse on Wednesday. The spectacular sight will also be visible from East Asia to the US west coast if skies are clear.

If normal travel resumes this year there are many reasons to get excited about the luxury end, with several landmark events, new openings and unique ways to spend big on adventures in Asia and beyond.

Instead of talking up must-see places, Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2021 list champions community, diversity and sustainability. A Cambodian cafe is the sole entry from East Asia.

GoPro’s latest action camera also works as a webcam with its front-facing screen. With 5K resolution and upgraded image stabilisation, it allows for incredible video grabs and 20-megapixel stills.


An extreme smartwatch, a smartphone tripod mount and wireless charger, a wearable air purifier, something to cool your brain and lull you to sleep – make sure you are geared up for when international travel resumes.

A sexual wellness brand’s new app allows couples to remotely operate each other’s sex toys during lockdown, and a portable ultraviolet mask steriliser, were among the coronavirus-ready tech on show at a socially distanced IFA 2020.

Ultimate adventure holidays – 10 trips to plan to some of the world’s most remote and unspoilt places, and the massive buzz you’ll have once you reach them.

The 8K ultra-high-resolution television range from China’s TCL has a pop-up camera for crystal clear video calls, a German start-up touts the first ‘truly smart’ indoor garden, and if your cat is obese a Korean firm has the answer.

Hitting the open road in a camper van, motorhome or RV could see a travel boom as lockdown restrictions ease off and people avoid cities. Here’s what to know before getting behind the wheel and five places worth visiting.

Low airfares on long-haul routes are likely until at least the end of 2021, trade body IATA says. The only bright spot for airlines is a recovery in the market for Asian domestic flights.

Hong Kong will get to see an 86 per cent solar eclipse on Sunday while parts of China will get to witness the full ‘ring of fire’ effect. Catch this one if you can – the next one of note from the city will not be for 10 years.

From a pocket-sized earbuds case that doubles as a speaker, to a boombox-sized speaker by JBL, five of the latest wireless speakers to consider before summer.

Experts give tips on responsible travel - how to help restore communities that rely on tourism and have been hard hit by global lockdowns, including avoiding cruises and all-inclusive resorts, and visiting countries most affected by Covid-19.

Bargain long-haul fares to cities such as New York, Paris and London are on offer as airlines look to generate cash, but before you book get travel insurance and check cancellation and refund policies. Here’s our buyer’s guide.

The survival of iconic Asian animal species is at stake amid destruction of their habitats. A ‘New Big 5’ project to choose the most photo-worthy wildlife aims to draw attention to their plight and the need to conserve them.

First aid, world history, astronomy, photo editing – while you’re in coronavirus lockdown there’s a wealth of free online courses, masterclasses and webinars you can tune into. Be a better informed traveller post-virus.

With factories idle, offices shut and cars off roads, the night sky has rarely been clearer. Admire it from your window, balcony or yard while you work out which of the world’s top 10 dark-sky destinations to add to your post-lockdown bucket list.


Everyone may be stuck at home right now because of the coronavirus but once it is safe to travel, the rising trend of ‘upskilling’ holidays – where you learn a new skill or hobby like singing, dancing or boxing – is likely to grow further.


If you want rich colours and detail in a waterproof package, the GoPro Max 360 wins, but if you want hi-res video that you can preview in real time, the Insta360 One R is for you.

The global coronavirus lockdown has put a halt on overseas trips and tourism. Travel addicts, known as dromomaniacs, are looking for ways to cope with the situation, polishing their digital skills or dreaming of the next trip.

What better time to clear up your SD cards and laptops crammed with JPEGs and RAW files, with travel restricted over the coronavirus? Seven pro tips on how to edit, back up, and improve your travel photos.

More like AfterShokz Aeropex than Google Glass, Bose Frames are sunglasses fitted with ‘bone conduction’ earphones. They’re fun to wear, but not at their best in busy areas.