Seven pet activity and location trackers to help you get to know them better

These collars and wearables are great for off-leash walks and monitoring your pet’s health

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 23 July, 2017, 1:00pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 23 July, 2017, 1:00pm

Tractive MOTION Pet Activity Tracker

You wear an activity tracker, so why shouldn’t your pet? Weighing a mere 7g, this tiny sensor (HK$499) is good for cats and dogs, and attaches to any existing collar. The app categorises your pet as lazy, moderately active and active so you can adjust its activity. Available from

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Link AKC smart dog collar

Bigger than most because it uses GPS to record geographical position as well as activity, this smart collar in three sizes (HK$1,400) monitors activity and records your dog’s location, alerting your phone to its exact position. It also records your dog’s temperature. Available from

Petkit Go

A smart pet leash (HK$388) that links to your smartphone, Petkit Go uses GPS in your phone to record the exact route you and your dog take around town. It’s also got a circular lamp for night walks, and it vibrates when your phone receives a message or call. Available from

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Garmin Alpha 100

A thoroughly professional effort aimed at sporting dogs, this hugely capable GPS system from Garmin (HK$6,239) tracks up to 20 dogs from up to nine miles away, either continuously or occasionally. It also measures a dog’s speed and distance it has travelled. Available from

Whistle 3

Able to Track your pet’s GPS location and monitor their activity levels, the third version of this gadget (HK$507) also has Wi-fi, Bluetooth and cellular tech, but still manages to be just 26g. It can send you location alerts by email, app and text, with activity monitoring too. Available from

Findster Duo

This dog tracking device (HK$929) attempts to gamify the process, with virtual rewards given to the dog owners when walking targets are reached. It also shows the exact location of your pet on an app. Available from

Petkit FIT P2

One of the smallest pet trackers, at only 28g, this tiny Bluetooth device (HK$299) for cats and dogs can measure your pet’s activity, sleep patterns and even mood. It’s all synced to the Petkit app. The battery lasts about four months. Available from