Seven in-flight entertainment gadgets and accessories for a better long-haul trip, from as little as US$11

If you get frustrated with the poor quality of the LCD screen in the back of your seat when flying, you’ll love these ways to take back control of your viewing experience

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 02 August, 2017, 7:45pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 02 August, 2017, 7:45pm

Avegant Glyph

How about a head-mounted personal home cinema when you’re pulling the next long-haul flight? Although it looks like a pair of headphones, pull the Glyph’s headband down across your eyes and you’ll see the equivalent of a 65-inch TV screen from a few metres away. It plays any video on your phone. Available at (HK$4,750, US$608)

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Belkin Cinema Leather Folio Case

Here’s a quick tip if you want to watch movies on a tablet in your airline seat; angle it towards you by resting it on a jumper placed on your tray table. If that’s too lowbrow, this case for the iPad (H$519) creates multiple viewing angles. Available at

InkCase i7 Plus

Why travel with a Kindle e-reader and a large screen phone? This upcoming case for the iPhone 7 Plus (HK$1,242) has a 5.2-inch e-ink screen on the back, so you can read during a long-haul flight without draining your smartphone. It’s also waterproof. Available at

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Sennheiser PXC 550

With wired or wireless Bluetooth connection to a smartphone and a 30-hour battery life, these luxe noise-cancelling headphones (HK$3,099) create a deliciously addictive silence that makes them perfect for long-haul travel. They are also surprisingly small when collapsed into its carry case. Available at


This media device holder is ideal for those who like to travel light and rely on their own smartphone for entertainment. Able to grip onto any latched tray table, the pocket-sized Lockjaww (HK$156) grips to the sides of your phone for easy eye-level viewing. Available at

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Olixar Metal Prop Tablet Stand

If you’re happy to use the tray table in front of you, this prop stand (HK$85) can support any brand of tablet or e-reader. It features two viewing angles, and folds up into a device that’s easy to carry. Available at

Knomo London Knomad Air

This may not directly help your in-flight viewing experience, but it certainly will help you carry everything you need to enhance that experience. When you’re travelling with a lot of tech, it makes sense to stay organised. So for ease of travel, this leather clutch (HK$1,280) has room for an iPad Air, a smartphone, pen, credit cards/passport and even a portable power bank. It also has microfibre-lined pockets for protection. Available at