Seven portable solar-powered lights for camping or at the beach

Whether you’re enjoying the great outdoors or travelling off the grid, clean energy is the way to go. Here are seven lanterns that take their power directly from sunlight

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 05 September, 2017, 7:01pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 05 September, 2017, 7:01pm

LuminAID PackLite Max

Invented by two architecture students after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, LuminAID’s solar inflatable lanterns have been distributed around the world to people living without electricity.

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This latest effort, retailing at HK$269 (US$34), takes just two hours to fully recharge, and shines for 50 hours. Available at

Sun King Charge

Delivering about 70 hours of light on full charge, this light (HK$156) is perfect for reading when away from power. It comes with a separate portable solar panel that can also be used to recharge a smartphone or tablet. Available from


Another inflatable and ultra-lightweight option, the SolarPuff (HK$235) takes about the same time to charge as it lasts, with eight hours of sunlight giving the same length of illumination. Available at

WakaWaka Power+

Giving 150 hours of low light to 10 hours of super bright light on a full chargethe WakaWaka Power+ (HK$560) is a hybrid solar-powered charger and flashlight.

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It’s got four different brightness settings and can be positioned on a table top or on a bottle, or even hung from the ceiling. Available from

PowerPlus Bear

Despite being based on the standard design for a sturdy camping lantern, the PowerPlus Bear (HK$303) is not what it seems. Not only can it recharge slowly to give 10 hours’ worth of light using a solar panel on its hood, but its 24 white LEDs can also be refuelled more quickly via a 12-volt car charger or a power point at home. It also has a crank handle for a wind-up charge. Available from


Another inflatable solar lantern, the Luci Aura (HK$269) is unusual in that it can cast light in eight different colours. That might be useful for setting the mood around a campsite, but otherwise it’s just as versatile as other solar lanterns. It gives 12 hours of light after a full day’s charge. Available at

Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini

Like the Sun King Charge, the Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini (HK$799) uses a separate solar panel and can also recharge a smartphone or tablet. However, this lantern keeps going for a whopping 500 hours, so it will best suited for long trips. Available at