SCMP’s 100 Top Tables 2018 - a CEO’s Dining Guide now in Hong Kong book stores

The South China Morning Post’s popular fine-dining guide, 100 Top Tables 2018, is now on sale at bookstores and leading supermarkets in Hong Kong.   

The South China Morning Post’s  100 Top Tables 2018 – A CEO’s Dining Guide is on sale in Hong Kong book stores and supermarkets from today. 

The South China Morning Post’s respected 100 Top Tables 2018 – A CEO’s Dining Guide  features impartial reviews by the Post’s food critics and lifestyle experts.
The guide features 100 of the best fine-dining restaurants in Hong Kong and 20 in Macau. Its impartial, handpicked entries were collated from reviews by the Post’s food critics and lifestyle experts. There are eight dining categories: Chinese, Western, French, Italian, Japanese, Steak and Grills, East/West and Macau. 

On March 15, Hong Kong and Macau’s culinary elite gathered at the new HART Hall in the H Queen’s exhibition venue in Central to celebrate the publication of the city’s authoritative fine-dining guidebook, now in its sixth year.

The South China Morning Post’s authoritative 100 Top Tables 2018 was launched at H Queen's, in Central, on March 15. 
Gary Liu,  the Post’s CEO, congratulated the winners and, when asked about the guidebooks’ criteria, said that food quality and service were of the utmost importance, while atmosphere and environment were also considered.
100 Top Tables 2018 – A CEO’s Dining Guide is also available at premium airport lounges in Asia and select recreation clubs. The guidebook’s digital version is accessible via its dedicated channel at 

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Guide’s impartial, handpicked entries feature reviews by SCMP’s food critics and lifestyle experts